Basohli tourism visible nowhere

Basohli tourism, actually, means few motor boats harboured on the jetties since they were purchased seven years back. There is a multi dimensional tourism like water, cultural, historical, aesthetic and religious, available at Basohli and its proximity. Large stretch of crystal clear RSD water, Purthu beach, Atal setu, ruins of historical monuments, Pashmina industry, old historical temples and Basohli chiterkala showcased in the Basohli museum are the major attractions available at Basohli. Basohli experienced a massive influx of tourists after the commissioning of Atal Setu over river Ravi. Every day hundreds of the tourists from the neighboring states visit Basohli to see the unique bridge Atal Setu, have water motor boat ride, take part in the much hyped water sports. They spend nights at the Purthu Beach on the week ends, watch the world famous palaces of Basohli, purchase the Pasmina shawls and visit the Basohli Chiterkala museum. But it is a matter of sheer carelessness and highhanded attitude of Basohli Bani Development Authority, responsible for boosting tourism at Bani and Basohli, which is responsible for the present mess.There is not a single representative of the Tourism Department at Basohli to welcome the tourists, provide them a bottle of water. There is no provision for the tourists to sit during the scorching heat of the summer and chilling cold of the winter. The tourists spend their days in the houses of the natives. The newly betrothed couples, who come to shoot for their pre weddings are often compelled to change their dresses, as per the demand of the shot. There is no provision of motor boat riding, provision of stay at Purthu Beach. The monuments are covered with the bushes where no body can go and see them. The Water Sports Complex has not seen the light of the day.While the one at Srinagar has become operational since 2020,when both were sanctioned in the same order. Inspite of the tall claims of the Government, there is nothing visible on the ground which testifies the truth of the UT Government. It is because of the fact that the entire inclination of the UT Government is focused on the promotion of Kashmir tourism only.
Shiv Kumar Padha