Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

In order to bring the patient and Doctor quite near even without physical presence in respect of addressing issues regarding healthcare as also to provide digital health ID to citizens , launching the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission by the Prime Minister has heralded a new era in giving a boost to and bringing about revolutionary changes in the healthcare in the country. How much use of information technology, to be precise the digitization, in respect of creating and maintaining health records of people can be useful even in related areas like tourism etc ,can well be visualised. In an era of fast digitization and related reforms in almost every department , sector and field in the country, healthcare could not remain aloof having so much potential for it was fairly made known by the said launch . Under the flagship scheme, otherwise, as many as 20 million Indian having so far benefitted in respect of free treatment, speaks about the paradigm shift in the hitherto neglected healthcare area in the country especially concerning the poor who had nowhere to go .
Reforms, innovations, technological changes, constant improvement and promoting of digital infrastructure were the needs of the present day governance for better , fast and pointed results and performance rather than being any luxuries or optional alternatives. Even if belatedly, the inertial mode of decades has been given a shake in the area of much important health related facilities , we must welcome it though lot is needed to strengthen the same. A beginning in healthcare solutions has taken place and with a mission which being long term investments, were bound to pay rich dividends in future not only going to take care of the present needs. The mission initially for six Union Territories is slated to be rolled out nationwide which though may look not something very great in the ordinary course but starting from a zilch with an ambition of covering every citizen especially the poor with Rs.5 lac healthcare insurance, sounds really great. In Jammu and Kashmir, it has cent percent coverage of people irrespective of levels of money income though large number of people are still not registered under the scheme as enough camps and awareness for it are missing which we hope shall be accelerated in due course . We hope digital health ID shall be issued to all the citizens in due course since now a beginning has been made albeit the above launch.