Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission


Digital highways and modes are increasingly needed in every sphere to ensure utter transparency, fastest access to a service source and bridging the gaps and long ”travel” of undergoing avoidable procedures in offices and various related departments. It is heartening to note that the UT of Jammu and Kashmir is on a mission mode to introduce digital solutions and procedures in its governance and in that pursuit, now, in respect of providing healthcare facilities to its citizens is a welcome step. It means, as the aim of the digitization of healthcare system focuses on, to ensuring the citizens of the UT only to be a click away from accessing healthcare facilities. It is, therefore, of no less import in its own right in Jammu and Kashmir. It is specially so that as compared to digitization of various other sectors which are relatively simpler and more structured than the proposed generation of and maintaining of the data providing healthcare as various files are used and different terminologies are used which normally are not understood by non-professional people as these are written in different standards and formats. Therefore, the UT of Jammu and Kashmir embarking upon digitization of healthcare ecosystem needs to be seen in that perspective which should be ensured to function successfully and continuously so. The UT otherwise needs the system to circumvent various ills and delays that are rampant in offline and conventional system hence in such an important area as Healthcare ecosystem, digitization is absolutely nonoptional. Medical and Healthcare issues are integral part of the governance with an aim of ensuring a healthy and diseases free society which could be ensured by an integrated, well organised and cohesive healthcare ecosystem. Ayushman Bharat scheme being a scheme aiming at digitization of healthcare in a significant way involving masses needs a system that ensures implementation of the core purpose of the flagship scheme that of providing opportunity to the people having access to quality healthcare on equitable , less time consuming and hassles free basis. The broader aim of the Mission is creating digital health ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir. For ensuring that to take place quite smoothly, the Government having introduced and launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission recently is heartening as it was going to address various lacunae in the process of implementation of various healthcare schemes due to host of reasons. It means compiling data of citizens in respect of health related issues, a paperless health records system, hassles free access to healthcare and providing ancillary information like details of a nearest hospital and other service providers. In fact, the Digital Mission was going to develop a cushion and solid support which was necessary for integrated digital health infrastructure. Different stakeholders in respect of the scheme which otherwise are not having a connect shall, now get fully integrated. In other words, common health standards can be prescribed so that various digital health systems can interact with each other by sharing necessary data across various health care providers. Healthcare ecosystem can thus be made cohesive and more responsive in the sense that registry of Health ID of individuals – patients, of professionals – facilities providers – hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies etc are made and in each registry each of the entities is provided with a unique identifier. That connects one and all concerned through the healthcare ecosystem. The structure of the Mission too including appointing its Managing Director, his team of personnel to make the mission run as also its office like basic requirements having been finalised by the UT Administration shall provide a new face to the entire healthcare ecosystem in Jammu and Kashmir. In other words, every citizen in Jammu and Kashmir shall be issued a digital health ID and wherever the said citizen (patient) goes in connection with the treatment to a hospital, a Doctor other than where his or her health records are stored can be accessed by the new health provider, of course, with the patient’s consent. The process, therefore, becomes responsive to the needs of the patient thus saving time and other botheration of carrying details and records of health related matters from one health service provider to the other. The Mission is slated to ensure ease of doing business for the concerned healthcare service providers, doctors, hospitals and the like as well.