Ayurvedic drug Fifatrol effective in treating respiratory infections: Study

Fifatrol, an ayurvedic formulation composed of time-tested herbs is effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, according to a study published in the International Research Journal of Ayurveda and Yoga.
A team of researchers carried out the study on 203 patients with upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) in various health centres across the country. During the treatment, the health parameters of the patients, who were given Fifatrol twice a day, were checked on the first, fourth and seventh day.
Their condition improved by 69.5 per cent and 90.36 per cent within the fourth and seventh day respectively, the study found.
“Effectiveness was evaluated by examining the reduction in symptoms scores at day four and seven respectively. This observational study has gathered evidence about the effectiveness and safety of Fifatrol on the amelioration of the symptoms of URTI,” the authors said.
The researchers also did not find any adverse impact of the formulations on the patients.
The study also noted that Fifatrol has not only been found to be effective in treating URTI but also well accepted by the physicians of Ayurveda for the successful management of conditions like flu and associated symptoms like fever, nasal congestion and runny.
Fifatrol as an immunity-boosting ayurvedic drug has found a mention as a Covid-19 combating formulation in the ‘Compendium of Indian Technologies for Combating COVID-19 (Tracing, Testing &Treating)’ compiled by the state-run National Research Development Corporation last year.
AIMIL Pharma Executive Director Dr Sanchit Sharma said that normally, ayurvedic medicines have been seen as supplements to increase immunity. However, the current government has been taking several steps to boost the Ayurveda sector. There has been compelling evidence that medicinal herbs can be the first line of defence against infectious diseases, he said.
Being rich in five vital classical formulations such as Tribhuvan Kirti Rasa, Mrtunjay Rasa and Sanjivani Vati with extracts from herbs like Guduchi, Daruharidra, Chirayata, Kutaki, Tulsi, Apamarga and Karanja, Fifatrol improves the immune system to fight against viruses and other infections, eases the associated symptoms and fastens the recovery, underlined the study. It also helps fast relief from nasal congestion, body ache, sore throat, and headache, it said.
The study on the effectiveness of the Ayurveda formulation holds importance given that usually, to treat the infection which is common during winter, people resort to antibiotics directly.
It has a huge economic burden as well, as high as USD 22 billion a year, leaving a hole in the pocket of the patients. URTI accounts for around 10 million outpatient consultations in a year especially because of the severity of its symptoms. (PTI)