Auspicious day of Dipawali and two murders

Auspicious days and festivals are not just celebrated in joyous ways alone but prayers are held and worshipping is performed for peace, happiness, prosperity, good health, good income by honest ways and for never ever to commit a sin . At the end of prayers and worshipping, forgiveness for any sins committed is invoked and strength sought from the Almighty never to commit one but it is quite unwarranted that acts of rage , violence and indulgence in vice are also resorted to by few people in the society.
It is quite unfortunate that on the night of the festivals of lights – the Deepawali, two people were murdered in separate areas in the outskirts of the city. Police sources have revealed that a Bakkerwal Mohommad Jabbar , presently residing at Bhalwal was brutally murdered by two local young persons of Kanger near Karwanda Talab. It was a blind murder committed in darkness and there was no witness of the crime. However, the case was solved and the culprits were arrested.
In another incident, a man was murdered by three persons over a minor issue at a marriage banquet Hall at Uddhaywala Road Jammu. The deceased was identified as Deep Langer of Khanpur Nagrota . He had booked the banquet Hall, KK Resorts in connection with the marriage ceremony of his daughter. The deceased looking after arrangements in the lawn for his guests tried to reason with the three inebriated young people who were disturbing the guests and using abusive language. Infuriated, they stabbed him to death. All the three have been arrested by the Police.