Attracting investors for promoting tourism

Tourism being panacea for the economy of Jammu and Kashmir , necessary investments are fast required in building requisite infrastructure followed by aggressive marketing in order to ensure sustainable economic growth. Unfortunately , much is not being done in this vital and critical sector in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir though we cannot draw an entirely pessimist outlook looking to the extent the Government was involved in and taking some steps towards promoting this sector. It is , however, a right step taken by the Government to go in for attracting investors during the forthcoming Global Summit scheduled to be held in the twin capital cities for installation of ropeways at four famous tourist and religious destinations . Such identified destinations, quite famous from tourism angle, have been found suitable for providing the facilities of ropeways.
The identified destinations are Mansar and Bhaderwah in Jammu region and Shankracharya Mandir and Yusmarg in Kashmir valley where these ropeways are decided to be installed. This move was definitely going to give a fillip to the tourist inflow and add to their comforts in addition to undergo a novel experience of moving between the two ends in a cable car . Since many pre -requisite conditions are to be fulfilled like economic viability and technical feasibility coupled with post installation regular services, safety, security and durability etc, it is understood that such studies have been adequately made by the identified agency , the Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation . Needless to add, the Corporation by now understandably must have added more into its experience and exposure .The Tourism Department , therefore, must be having by now, all such reports at the concerned tables and it is to be seen how fast decisions are taken in this regard so that lakhs of visitors visiting these destinations add to their itineraries during visiting tourist points in Jammu and Kashmir.
Who would bell the cat or how to get funds for the project of this dimension and more so, when all of them are to be built almost simultaneously is the main question and this project must be ensured a smooth funds flow commensurate with each stage of completion and not left to meet the same fate as most of the other projects due to funds problem. It is , however, an innovative exercise to be undertaken by the UT Department of Tourism by putting all the four projects into the presentation to be made by it during the forthcoming Global Investors Summit on Tourism sector. Once satisfied with the feasibility of the project and the same being self earning entities, coupled with perfectly peaceful atmosphere in Jammu region and comparatively bettered peace and order position in Kashmir valley, many investors would feel inclined to come forward to invest. It depends upon how best and professionally woven and convincingly drafted the presentation would be . The era being of salesmanship and the traits of how to sell best make lot many things move in the world of commerce , investment and pure business.
Since the topography and other factors at all the four chosen destinations vary from one another, the ropeways naturally too would be different in nature and structure at all these four places. The project is not only worth going ahead at as early as possible but the Government must put in all its efforts to see many investors come forward so that things could go on better terms and conditions of the entire exercise right from investment offers, inking agreements and giving practical shape to the project. Since sky should be the limit , research and surveys, innovations and reforms, performance and assessments , improvements and new shapes etc should be on the long term visionary canvas of the UT Tourism Department so that the tourist footfall took long and high leaps.