AAP victory

This refers to editorial AAP registers landslide victory (DE 14th Feb 2020). Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has created a history by fulfilling almost all the promises it made in its 2015 election manifesto. Critics of AAP say per capita income in Delhi is more and tax collection is enough and it is not difficult to provide free electricity and water by Govt in Delhi. I want to ask these critics why didn’t BJP or Congress do this in past when they ruled Delhi since 1990s to 2013 ? Why could not Madan Lal Khurana , Sahib Singh Verma or Shiela Dikshit the ex CM’s of Delhi gave same kind of relief to their people ?
The low income working women who earn very less say around Rs 7000 to 10,000 or more got a big relief as DTC buses charge nothing from women passengers, Earlier the low income group women  had to spend a large amount of their meager salary on bus travel. If they save Rs 50 or Rs 100 every day this is a big relief for them and why would they not vote for AAP ? Similarly people using less than 200 units of power get zero bill , water is free , education and health sector has improved, what else do people need ?  Politicians of J&K should take a lesson from Kejriwal and must work in the same way rather than be-fooling people by hollow slogans.
Sajad Hussain Mir
Alamgari Bazar, Srinagar