Assembly elections

Though Assembly elections are due in Jammu and Kashmir and political parties expected that these may be held with Parliamentary elections, but Election Commission of India did not announce poll dates for reason best known to it.
Having betrayed by political parties time and again, people vouch for Governor rule to continue for some more time as they feel that their issues are being redressed quickly. Besides, the elected representatives have not lived upto the expectations of people of the column ‘Ex-MLAs’ Report Card’ is any barometer for estimating their performance. People feel that they have been experiencing peace after the PDP-BJP coalition Government ceased to exist.
The Assembly elections though may be held sooner than later, but there is a lesson for political parties : Perform or perish. The politicians should not take people of this troubled torn State for granted. Rather politicians should dedicate themselves for the cause of people who are suffering on one or the other count.
Amit Sharma