Artificial Intelligence A different perspective

Sunil Seth
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, the word coined by John McCarthy in 1950, has travelled a long way from concept of Neural Learning in 1950-1970 to paving way for Machine Learning from 1980-2010.
Now the concept of Deep Learning associated with Cognitive Intelligence, testing theories about Perception, Reasoning, Learning, Understanding Language to Solving Problem has become a calling of the future. No doubt it has made our lives easier by penetrating deep into the areas where human reach was not possible. But will the intelligent machines replace us, co-exist with us or merge with us? Will we use the machines or machines will use us or will these be a potential threat to the mankind on the different platform than its potential benevolent tasks?
The nature is being overexploited for want of urbanization and industrialization, thereby, disturbing the Ecological Balance. Indiscriminate deforestation leading to Global Warming with submergence of coastal areas because of melting of glaciers; erratic and untimely rains causing droughts in some places and floods in others; ring of fire associated with volcanic eruptions getting disturbed due to over exploitation of mother earth thereby causing imbalance in theory of Isostasy (state of gravitational equilibrium between Earth’s crust and mantle), and then, finding ways to fix all with afforestation and new varieties of plants having better oxygen yield to rebalance the erstwhile disturbed ecosystem; looking for nature based solutions to reverse the already disturbed Natural Water Cycle and alternatives for increasingly stressed and depleted natural resources by stitching together all under one roof i.e. Artificial Intelligence seems to be a Herculean task. Construction of concrete jungles with full automation which is part of Artificial Intelligence too, leaving no alternative for our young generation but to spend more than 90 percent of its life indoors, be it at home or in office or malls or while moving from home to office in air-conditioned modes of travel; leaving the Nature far behind. Even for health we are in Indoor Gyms. We cooked and showered, breathed and played, slept and sweated, rather used to enjoy the nature to its fullest. But now our homes have become places we would never want to leave, courtesy, the new concept of Work from Home. We have closed ourselves to a point where nothing could escape. So when the air turned bad inside we tried to fix it with chemicals. Artificial Light replaced Natural Light. We tried to put in little of Sun everywhere to make Darkness bearable. That’s when things started to happen hard to notice in the beginning. Many of us even started to feel sad leading to increase in cases of psycho-somatic diseases, one of the perils of addiction to Technology. Scientists too have discovered that the air inside our homes is up to five times more polluted than the air outside due to change in architecture in line with newly developed behavior of HVAC system needs. Lack of exposure to day light has started affecting children’s learning and increased Blood Pressure. Kid’s room has probably the highest concentration of toxicants in the house. In fact millions of homes are unhealthy to live in primarily because of lack of fresh air. The Silent Killer i.e. non-thermal radio frequency radiation from WI-FI is killing us slowly; damaging childhood development with increased cases of insomnia. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation agitating brain function; enhancing cases of memory loss; reducing sperm movement thereby causing DNA fragmentation ; causing cardiac arrests; increasing risks of cancer with increased risk of tumor development too. As cytoplasm, the liquid in the cells having polarity responds to electromagnetic radiations, thereby, reacting very strongly to thoughts and environment in which we are living. The science of EPI-GENETICS – the new research in the field of GENETICS – stressing Genetic Determinism which is on the verge of being challenged with the new Doctrine of EPI-GENETICS, where in thoughts and environment are all powerful instead of Heredity environment here in both is Physical and Spiritual. The science of EPI-GENETICS, word coined by Bruce H. Lipton in his book “The Biology Of Belief” has uncovered the missing link between Biology, Psychology and Spirituality where mind is more powerful to regulate emotions and corresponding Genetic Expression from which we have moved miles apart because of our marriage to new concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Studies have found EPI-GENETICS mechanism i.e. control over genes to be a factor for variety of diseases including cancer; cardiovascular Diseases; diabetes and even malignancies, probably the after effects of embracing the electromagnetic gadgets for any and every need of ours as already reflected above.
So, there we are in the world of strong Artificial Intelligence, where we are trying to induce sense of perception, reasoning, learning, understanding languages in Machines/ Robots but encouraging Indoor Generation prone to all the above mentioned diseases; heading towards Robotic Behavior, moving away from emotions and spirituality which has the power to modify genes even as per the new research going in the field of EPI-GENETICS. We are really worried about hybrid seeds; hybrid plants; robots with senses but we as humans are getting far away; behaving more as Robots, heading towards isolation; and the unraveled mystery that how the Nature [Environment], Nurture [Nutrition] and Spirituality can modify gzenes towards an evolved species, the next step of evolution; challenging the old theory of Heredity, the erstwhile GENETIC DETERMINISM Irony being that Steve Jobs, the founder of APPLE Gadgets not allowing his son to even touch these gadgets till a particular age, knowing the Power of Addiction with the quote that “DON’T LET THE TECHNOLOGY MANAGE YOU BUT YOU MANAGE THE TECHNOLOGY” which is totally being ignored by we INDIANS.
It is a story not written as yet. We need to think; act and live differently so as not to let technology over power us and if we will not understand Nature, to which we are trying to control with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which is in consonance with Celestial Balance, the Nature is surely going to rebound back with a CATASTROPHE.