Article 370 and Jammu

Divyansh Verma
Article 370 was not for the protection of Kashmir only but for Jammu also. The bitter truth is even our elected members of Parliament never recognized Jammu Division and always highlighted Kashmir in every aspect, the impact being, our Home Minister during the discussion in Parliament not even once took the name of Jammu thereby prioritizing Kashmir in his talks.
Article 370 and Terrorism
Majority people of the state believe that terrorism in Kashmir has flourished because of Art. 370 but it’s not like that if we think deeply. Jammu division also comes under Art. 370 but have we ever seen any kind of terror activity being performed by Jammu people. The majority people in the state want peace except few disturbing elements and that is also due to lack of awareness, moral education and knowledge in youth, “not due to Art. 370”
The foreign elements from our neighbouring country Pakistan come to create nuisance or to spread terror activities due to the fact that majority of our Border areas in Kashmir and some parts of Jammu Division lack proper infrastructure in borders.
“Again we (Jammu people) are not responsible for that too”
Central Govt. can curb these elements with the help of forces in J&K under AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) by not denying the fact that majority part of state doesn’t support those activities at all. In some areas of Jammu division, there were terror activities 15-20 years back in Doda, Kishtwar, some areas of Poonch District, all those activities came to an end and the figures came to zero due the political will of some leaders of J&K with best strategies adopted to check them, despite of Article 370.
Was it not an achievement?
And again Central Govt. relates this Art. 370 as a hindrance in development and made our state a UT (Union Territory).
SO, isn’t Gujarat a developed state not being UT? OR Himachal Pradesh having similar kind of special status?
OR it is mandatory to be a UT for development and if it is like that only, all naxalized affected areas would have been made UT.
Why only J&K? We the people of Jammu division proudly say and are Indian by heart, by birth, then why there was need to make Jammu as UT to prove us Indian. Was there any doubt?
Why not Jammu was made a separate state despite having large area under Jammu division with more districts?
Why not Kashmir was made UT with Ladakh?
The Jammu people were fighting earlier with Kashmiri people for their equal rights, for jobs, for tourism facilities but now onwards the competition is much more beyond our thoughts. Now we have to compete with 28 states of the country for jobs along with Kashmir.
Our youth think that we will get more jobs and opportunities but the fact is we will be replaced by people from other states as they will be willing to perform same course of work with less wages that will pose a threat.
More migration from other states will lead to depletion and more exploitation of resources.
Our local leadership will vanish as UT will be governed by L.G & Delhi.
Crime rate will increase due to migration from other states to Jammu division
Agriculture land will be replaced by industries which will give a major setback to farmer community
More Industries will even lead to deforestation making air polluted ultimately causing serious health issues.
Majority youth believe that after 370 is revoked, Industrialization will take place which will create more job opportunities but there is a best example that contradicts:
JAYPEE group benefitted thousands of youth from J&K in job sector from the hydroelectric project in Ramban that too under Art. 370, then why not more projects have flourished in state without revoking 370.
Last but not the least, no more use of our local languages i.e. Dogri, Pahadi, Poonchi will be there posing a great threat to rich Dogra heritage and culture.