Army Safeguarding National Interests

The Indian Army is one of the best in the world without any doubt, a battle-tested unit with an unblemished track record of no comparison at all. While the world realised and faced the brunt of terrorism in the last two decades only, our army is battling it out for the last four decades now. Army’s unique methods employed are exemplary and unmatched. All leading world armies are always eager to have joint exercises with our soldiers to get an on-hand experience of our expertise. Factually it is not an easy task to have two hostile nuclear nations as your neighbour but our army with its valour has been able to match both of them. Our Government’s policy of ‘talks and terrorism cannot go together’ and the army’s consistent pressure have delivered the desired result of a peaceful border for quite some time now. India has a distinct record, despite being one of the largest and best armies, yet we have never been hostile to any nation in our history. But whenever provoked our army has always given a befitting reply. The Surgical Strikes and Balakot operation are recent examples and the result is for everyone to see, no major terrorist activity in the last few years, they very well know the consequences of provocation now, all credit to our armed forces. There has been changing of tactics by the enemy but Indian Army has also upgraded itself accordingly to thwart any challenge, be it the use of drones, tunnels, weapons using artificial intelligence or any other method, army response has been acerbic and unfettered. Our army is defending the highest battleground in the world, the Siachen for decades now. Even in 2020 Ladakh’sGalwan and other North Eastern skirmishes with China had been professionally tackled at their face value by the army, stood our ground forcing them to come to negotiating table, one-to-one talks on equal terms. The recent up gradation of infra all along the international border is for everyone to notice. Hundreds of kilometres of roads, bridges and tunnels to make borders all-weather accessible, all-weather bunkers, advance landing grounds, airports, helipads, and water augmentation have been done to secure our borders in a much better professional way. All requirements of the army have been kept in mind and nothing is left to speculation. Fighter jets and attack/load carrier helicopters are stationed at strategic points for any eventuality. The assurance by the Chief of the Indian Army is not theoretical but on practical terms. GoI has assured latest fighter jets, development of its light combat aircraft, indigenous armed vehicles, and long and short-range missiles on every platform are being deployed. War is no solution but if forced, we are ready for any challenge. Not only border infra but all along national highway widening is going on for quick movement of troops as and when required.
Army has all over the years upgraded itself to the level to successfully defend every inch of our country. Small niggling problems of arms, narcotics and men smuggling are there but the proactive approach of the army by deploying drone jammers, tunnel detector drones, ultra-modern fencing, night vision devices and handheld scanners, all combined efforts resulting in reducing all these enemy plans to a large extent. Time-to-time evaluation and preordained measures are in place to checkmate any nefarious move from across the border. In a truly democratic setup actual information is passed on to the public domain, a timely reassurance to Indians, the army is there to safeguard national interests at any cost. GoI has also shunned stymied approach, every requirement of the army is being taken care of. Indian army has no doubt the distinction of tackling internal and external enemies at the same time, factually covering every aspect of national security. No doubt modern warfare is a challenge, changing tactics, use of ultra-modern technology, drones and cyber warfare, but the Indian Army has been upgrading itself, plugging loopholes, if any, on time.