Army and Nation

Strong and brave army, Decisive Govt., Law abiding citizens, Independent Judiciary, are most significant constituents rather pillars of National Edifice. In the event of their functioning in unison, the country moves forward at a rapid pace to reach the coveted pinnacle of glory, peace and prosperity. Out of these quintessential components for self -reliant and powerful nation, Army is uniquely placed on a higher pedestal. Army is indispensable for security of the country. ArmedForces plunge into action at the spur of moment to ward off any kind of external, internal threat. Just a couple of days back in deeply snow clad Kashmir 100 odd army soldiers at the risk of their life, saved pregnant Shamina and successfully enabled her to deliver a male baby.Therefore, no responsible union Govt. can afford to allow it to be the cheap object of trolling at the hands of petty politicians changing colors like a chameleon. Army chief, Gen. Manoj Mukund Naravane while addressing the troops in Annual Army Conference said ” We are prepared to take action on POK if the Govt. passes order as per letter and spirit of Parliament Resolution of 1994 declaring POK is our territory and we are within our right to liberate it.”
This statement of the incumbent Army chief demonstrates the will power, high sense of commitment and preparedness of our daring army. From the Govt. side too the assertive statement of Chief drew an encouraging response as they fully adored and endorsed it.The general public as well extended their full measure of applause and kudos and found the statement quite re-assuring from the security point of view and overwhelmingly befitting to call the bluff of indiscreet and unreliable Pak, barring few narrow minded politicians. However, everything looks yellow to the jaundiced eye of politicians of different hue and colors. With the changing scenario it appears the upcoming generation of politicians is rapidly turning bankrupt and grossly insensitive to the national cause and burning issues. They willfully and indiscreetly forget’ if the country survives, we survive and for the survival of both , Lion hearted, aggressive and professional Army with striking capability is indispensable and primary need of the hour. Divergent views and opinions are ornaments of Democracy. Responsible opposition acts as watchdog for the ruling party in the hot seat. But the national interest has not to be lost sight of. Mind it we must refrain from using derogatory remarks against the Army top brass. It is the time of Nation First in parity with the top leading countries across the global horizon.Hope the politicians follow suit.
P.C Sharma
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu