Appreciable and commendable act of villagers

The villagers of three Panchayats of Thanamandi sub-division of district Rajouri have set an example for others to emulate as they have taken the continuous neglect by the Government to build and improve roads in their villages as something challenging and taking an initiative of its own kind . They have between themselves collected funds to the tune of Rs. 10 lacs and constructed about 8.3 Kms of road linking it with Rajouri- Thanamandi road.
Spurning and rejecting VIP culture, the road was inaugurated by three Sarpanchs instead of by some political leader or a State bureaucrat. Not only have the villagers raised funds but many of them willingly and voluntarily also donating pieces of land required for this road. The general public, especially students would be greatly comforted with this road . The act , courage and the consolidated will of the villagers is praiseworthy in how they took the neglect by the Government upon them in positive manner though with the due indignation.