Announce employment package

This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards rising unemployment graph in Jammu and Kashmir. Many assurances have been given by ruling dispensation that employment opportunities will be created on a large scale in JK by adjusting educated unemployed youth in public and private sectors. But nothing concrete has been done so far in this director. Educated youth continue to run from pillar to post to seek employment. What they get at the end of the day is mere frustration and nothing else. As some of them are getting over aged, their anxiety deepens further.
The Government has failed to adjust unemployed dental doctors in hospitals either through direct recruitment or through Public Service Commission. So is the case with other sections of unemployed youth.
Abrogation of Article 370 is most welcome step but what about the future of the educated youth who are technically graduate and post graduate.More than one month has passed and people are daily watching some declaration/announcement about the employment package for the youth. Without further delay, the Government must announce an employment package for the youth. It will be most welcome step for the prosperity of the State. Merely meeting with the advisors will not solve the problem of the State and youth.
Dr Muzaffar, Dr Muzami,
Dr Surshi