Anantnag health centre building

Normally for such a small project as a health centre, the construction work should not take more than a year reckoning at the rate of  the pace benchmarked in Jammu and Kashmir State but it is  surprisingly to be believed that even a decade is too short for Akhran Public Health Centre in Anantnag district of South Kashmir to come up for being operational.
When it is the question of inauguration and the associated hype, it is all instantaneous for the political leaders or others in the top bureaucracy but thereafter it is no one’s baby. In the same way, this building meant to house Primary Health Centre was inaugurated in the year 2008 but  is still incomplete and the authorities in the Government have failed to make it functional. Has the project become a victim of political indifference and bias towards the people of the area as it is alleged by them? Has the scarcity of funds, as like always, been responsible for the work on it getting so much slowed down? These are a few among many vital questions in respect of this Health Centre building needing answers.
The floods of 2014 have reportedly damaged it and now it is in such a condition which requires immediate attention in respect of repairs, renovation and fittings etc which we hope must be started in the right earnest  now. The renovation proposal must have eaten substantial dust in concerned Government offices by now which needs to be retrieved and approved so that the PHC building is made functional.