Amphalla -Janipur road

In dire need of widening and de- congesting, the ever busy usually traffic jammed Amphalla- High Court- Janipur Road continues to remain in the state of inertia while day in and day out, the problems on this road are surging . It is a cause of concern that despite host of directives from the Division Bench of the State High Court , no decision in concrete manner appears to have been taken by the ‘High Level Committee’ though the Committee was constituted in June 2019 only.
This road belt needs immediate attention of the Government and de-congesting and widening treatment is not only urgently required but is overdue as well. The existing utilities need to be shifted from here for which proper planning is needed and arrangement of funds etc too are necessarily required. In the process, care must be taken that Manda Wildlife Sanctuary and the area around dotted by trees and open space for fresh air should not become any causality although reports are that in deliberations in respect of widening process, that too came up for consideration. The real test of the State Administration lies in how dwindling nature was protected in the area while addressing the urgent issue of widening of the road under consideration.