Amendment to births and deaths act to include provision for unfied database

NEW DELHI, Dec 7: The Government has brought out a draft amendment to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act to include a provision for unified database of civil registration records in states and integration with database at the national level, the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday.
In response to a question seeking to know if the Government is considering to maintain birth and death registration data at the national level, Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said a draft amendment to Registration of Births & Deaths (RBD) Act, 1969 was placed in public domain from October 18 to December 2 for comments.
The draft amendment inter alia includes a provision for “maintaining a unified database of civil registration records at State level and for integration with the database at national level,” he said.
“It also includes the provision to use the database of births and deaths to update various databases,” he said. (PTI)