All about Aliens

Most startling was his belief that all advanced technologies have come from some distant planet courtesy the aliens during the trips of our scientists to a far off planet using some ultra high speed vehicles. We used to brush aside all this but who knows the reality.

Prof. Suresh Chander
The UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and aliens have been part of our imagination and have led to many conspiracy theories. There has been a spate of Hollywood movies on these subjects. Avatar (2009) being one of the most celebrated movies in this class on the silver screen and “X-Files” from 1993-2002 on the small screen.
Some sort of credence to these stories has now come from Haim Eshed, the former Head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Space Directorate (1989-2010) who has claimed that aliens exist and that his country and the United States have been dealing with them for years as reported by The Jerusalem Post on 8 December 2020. Similarly in recent years other governments have also made some previously classified documents public in relation to UFOs and the most famous being the ‘The Project Blue Book’ which can be found at https: // research/military/air-force/ufos and https:// government/ publications/ufo-reports-in-the-uk .Early this year in April, US Pentagon released declassified official videos from the Navy showing unidentified flying aircrafts.
Haim Eshed further said in an interview with Yediot Aharonot, a Hebrew newspaper, that humans have been in contact with the aliens from the “Galactic Federation”. He claimed that the extraterrestrial beings had asked them not to reveal that they were here because it would lead to public hysteria. They felt that humanity needed to “evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are” .The human civilization is not yet ready for the truth but the truth is out there.
Haim Eshed’s assertion that US President Donald Trump was aware of the existence of the aliens is only logical in case the cooperation agreements were indeed signed between American astronauts and alien representatives. Establishment of an “underground base in the depths of Mars” was part of the agreement as claimed by Haim Eshed. He also claims that US astronauts have already set foot on Mars and are closely working with aliens in the underground bases. President Obama in a recent ‘talk show’ in the US said that he enquired about the existence of aliens and said to the host of the show that he “can’t tell you”.
All this should not come as a surprise to us Indians. There are innumerable stories about Devatas who could take birth on earth as humans for some specific mission and Apsaras sent by Lord Indira on a mission to mother earth as part of his strategies. There are numerous stories of Devatas discussing the problems on earth and their intervention.
Erich Von Daniken in his book “Chariots of the Gods” (1969) came to a conclusion that all the gods to which our scriptures refer were in fact astronauts from another civilization. He further observed that the great flood referred to in the Old Testament was not a natural phenomenon but a series of nuclear explosions to systematically destroy the human race in a selective fashion. He also observed that nuclear weapons were used in Mahabharata and ‘astronauts’ or ‘gods’ participated in this war, There is another indirect evidence to support this. Several temples around the world have carved stone images of what appear to be spaceships, astronaut helmets, high energy portals for transportation. There is another belief amongst the UFOlogist and an astronaut theorist that some of the so called ‘Vidyapeeths’ were portal to another world to gain immense knowledge and then to come back via these portals to spread knowledge and wisdom to the evolving human species.
“There is evidence that war games of the field manoeuvre type, using actual military forces were used in India as early as around 3000 BCE. Present day uses of war games show a remarkable correlation with these ancient applications.
According to Erich Von Daniken: The Mahabharata recounts “A great mock battle was fought which involved practically all forces on the Indian sub-continent! The battle lasted for 18 days and employed different types of battle arrays changed from day to day to conform to the several types of battle arrays then in vogue.” For this quote, he refers to Alfred H. Hausrath, “Venture Simulation in War, Business and Politics”, McGraw Hill. Source: Dr. S.S. Srivastava of the Scientific Evaluation Group, Defence Research & Dev. Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.
We know that the actual Mahabharata was also spread over a period of 18 days. This is remarkable that the predicted war period and actual war period were exactly the same. The mock battle could not have been fought without some sort of computers. All present day computers cannot even jointly simulate such a complex situation. The computers of Mahabharata time must have been far superior to ours unless the ‘gods’ (astronauts) did the calculations for their earthly disciples.
Extracts from my paper at a scientific conference in 1974 at IIT Delhi are reproduced: “Directly or indirectly the man has always desired to duplicate himself. All the advancements we claim to have made are in that direction only. Now suppose the man succeeds in making a robot which closely resembles the human being. What will we do with such robots? We have been warned about the danger of robots ultimately ruling the man in numerous scientific fictions. So what are we likely to do in the face of these warnings? We will most likely put these robots on some uninhibited planet making some changes so that robots may survive there. Let us further assume that we will plant other things on that ‘planet’ to support the robot there and hand him chronicle listing of all our achievements and lay down some sort of moral code for him so that he does the things we want him to do. We will expect these robots to do something in a certain number of years. Then we wait for some time, revisit the Robot- planet; select those which come to our expectations and destroy the rest, change certain parameters, revisit the robot planet, destroy unwanted and varying certain parameters and repeat this number of times until we have perfected the ‘Robot’!
That’s what we are – ROBOTS on whom an experiment is being conducted by some person or group of persons from another world to be destroyed after a certain period.”
No offence meant to my fellow homio spaiens. My apologies in advance if someone feels offended as it is only a conjecture with no empirical or scientific evidence.
(In 1974, AI had not become as advanced as today. With advances in AI, we are today able to do so much that was unthinkable even ten years back.)
Haim Eshed in the aforesaid interview also said, “If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalised”. Using Haim’s metaphor, the following may be of interest to your readers that can be part of many conspiracy theories that I don’t believe to be true either.
About fifteen years ago I used to have long discussions on the topic of aliens and their contribution to the modern advancement in technology with a colleague of mine, who is no more, in an engineering college.
He was a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and stayed in the US for many years. He claimed to have had some experiences with the aliens there in the US without any direct physical encounter. According to him the aliens can change their appearance at will and can be among us without being recognised and he suspected at that time some aliens were indeed residing at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. He was constantly trying to make contact with them. According to him aliens have underground bases in Laddakh and the Indian, Chinese and US Governments are aware of it.
Most startling was his belief that all advanced technologies have come from some distant planet courtesy the aliens during the trips of our scientists to a far off planet using some ultra high speed vehicles. We used to brush aside all this but who knows the reality. The Vidyapeeth’s mentioned earlier point to what my colleague used to claim. Maybe the next generations will have the answers to all these what seem to be fairy tales at present.
(The author is former Head of Computer Engineering Department in G B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology)