Aiming at highest

O P Sharma

Name of Book : Superchampion:
One Who Inspires
the World
Author : Vickrant Mahajan
Publisher : Wordsmith in India
Year : 2019

This 136-page book in English entitled ” Superchampion: One Who Inspires the World” is an inspiring and guide work by a proud son of the soil: Vickrant Mahajan. It has hit the market in a big way after his earlier five famous books.
The book is divided into two parts: Superpositivity and the second portion deals with Super-performance written in the super-style of illustration, inspiring words and guidance for readership. It exhorts all of us to live according to our best and raise our experience to the realm of immorality and lives according to the very highest possibility of creation whom we call a superchampion. Certainly, there are handful who have lived limitlessly and inspired infinitely-leaving their indelible mark on time-who can be called superchampions. The overall lesson in the book is that if one can do it, then anyone can do it.
The author argues that “a superchampion is one who overcomes all limitations and fulfils their highest vision-and sets an example so big that it inspires the whole world. Mr Mahajan has shared his unique concept of Superchampion as Superpositivity plus Superperformance. This is main theme of this book. The author has deep-dived into this aspect of someone whom we call the highest of the highest, a champion of champions-a superchampion.
I have gone through this inspiring book twice and feeling a change in my mind and outlook in life. Certainly, positivity always pays and super-performance adds much weight and value to one’s contribution to the society.
Must Read Book
Vickrant Mahajan, with a god-gifted pen has made his parents and his native city of Jammu proud. He has made many proud attainments to his credit and also inspired millions across the globe. He has still many miles to go and give out his best to the humanity through his unique Superpositivity Movement which performs programmes globally to awaken the people of the infinite power latent in them.
This 136-page book is well produced publication which is a must read for one and all. In fact, it is book which must be gone through by our youth to shape their destiny to the highest and for betterment of the entire humanity. Such books I suggest must be made available in all the Indian and some other languages for more wider readership.