AIBCU urges LG to adopt new reservation rules to end sufferings of OBCs

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 15: All India Backward Classes Union (AIBCU) Social has urged upon the Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu to adopt fresh reservation rules to end the suffering of the J&K OBCs called OSCs.
Addressing a meeting of the Union, general secretary, Prof Kali Dass said the OBCs of J&K has been deprived of their constitutional rights/due reservation due to some sections in view of separate laws in erstwhile J&K State during governance under Art 370 but the recent statement of the LG over new reservation policy in J&K UT has evolved some hope of justice in the J&K OBCs.
He said that the Art 370 was misused by the respective rulers mainly the NC, Congress and PDP who never listened to the OBCs of J&K where as Art 370 had no clause to stop the implementation of Mandal Report in J&K but adamant rulers kept the J&K OBCs always high and dry.
Prof Kali Dass said that on the passage of Bill regarding abrogation of Art 370 on August 5 in Rajya Sabha, OBCs were the first to celebrate but soon after when the people read The Gazette of India dated 9th of August, the celebration converted into mourning because of Serial No 7 on page 42 and Serial No 22 on page 50 of the Gazette which plead for the protection of Reservation Act of 2004 and protection of unholy State Commission for Backward Classes of 1995 or 1997.
He said OBCs of the State want a complete abrogation of Art 370 as the present form of abrogation of Art 370 is incomplete and stands differently on the face values of different Sections of the society with no change in J&K except the sign board.
All the speakers and participants, mainly the executive members including M R Bangotra also forcefully put forth their views and pined great hope on the LG’s statement that a new reservation policy matching with the rest of the country would be adopted in the newly created J&K UT.