Agony of Learner License seekers

This write up is to awaken conscience of senior bureaucrats towards their indifferent attitude and ill conceived rollout of digitalization processes for getting driving license related services. It is painstaking to get new license. Good number of applications coming forward for license is indicative of the fact that citizens are law abiding and wish to get valid licenses to drive the vehicles. Government of the day should appreciate law abiding citizens concern and arrange faster delivery of services. For getting new driving license, one is required to register his/her application for ‘Learner License (LL)’ on Parihavan Sewa website Launched by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India. Strange it may sound, but it is a hard fact that an individual is subjected to CBT (Computer Based Test) to get Learner License & has to score minimum 6 marks out of 10 to qualify for LL. The worst part of procedure is that you may not get a LL Test Slot for 3-4 months or even more due to very few computers (5-6) available in RTO Office, Jammu.
Like-wise, one has to bear with same ordeal/suffering to register online for ‘Driving License Test Slot’, Wait for 3-4 months or more to get Test Slot etc. Here, I may request all concerned with providing services not to defeat digitalization programme through ill conceived (Tughlugi) implementation. First, LL should be provided without subjecting an individual to test as he/she is yet to start learning. Make CBT part of ‘Driving License Test’ at the final stage, if required. We are living in an era of technological revolution. Parihavan Sewa website has the potential to revolutionize all important transport related public delivery services. If RTO offices across state especially RTO Jammu cannot augment infra for holding ‘Learner Driving License’ Test, it is suggested to book institutions conducting CBT based examination for thousands of candidates on the same date. Hold test on a weekly or fortnightly basis simultaneously for hundreds or even thousands of applicants, if required and deliver much needed services in a reasonable time. Like-wise, I may propose authorities to allot on permanent basis sufficient land/tracts to conduct ‘Driving License (DL) Tests simultaneously for good number of applicants. Representatives of political class may give serious thought on the subject to earn goodwill of people who are feeling disinterested with vague discussions/sermons on TV/Print media.
Ashok Kumar Bhat
Trikuta Nagar, Jammu