After this row, what is the next?

Shiban Khaibri
At the outset, let it be fairly known that Indian Muslims are as much a part of this country as any other community living here , the reality which cannot be altered in anyway whatsoever and any apprehensions, fears, doubts or falsehood spread on this count by any type of elements or forces from within or outside are in fact totally mischievous and fraught with ulterior motives. Equally, coming on roads and organising protest marches , every now and then , creating an issue locally and trying to make it a mass movement across the country , under the pretext of false notions and manufactured misgivings and openly showing disregard to the law too, cannot be justified, the guaranteed democratic right to genuinely and peacefully protest notwithstanding.
This country is governed on the basis of and strictly as per the constitution which ”We the people of India …” in 1950 adopted , accepted , owned and pledged to honour and be strictly guided by it all along. Again, very selectively referring to the provisions of the constitution, every now and then, and interpreting it as per convenience and then claiming a right to justify implementation of some hidden agenda, also cannot be justified. Since people of this country, from times immemorial being followers of ancient Sanatan Dharma which is “Shashwat “or eternal , with cardinal principle of ”Sarva Dharma Sambhav” or all religions , faiths and beliefs are the same or all paths lead to the same destination , therefore, has no scope or space for any discrimination against or any type of hate for or any position of superiority forcibly thrust over anyone. That speaks for the reason of mighty Hindu kingdoms like great Mauryas who ruled for over 300 years and other mighty Hindu kingdoms with tremendous power and resources not invading any country to demolish their symbols of faiths , their culture and way of living and with forcible evangelistic ambitions imposing Sanatan religion and culture on them nor resort to persecution of natives , let alone creating any fear or coercion using sword.
India has been the epicentre of knowledge and scholars from far off countries used to visit and stay in this country to learn and get enlightened and return home to spread the tenets of peace, humanity, kindness, non -violence , tolerance, contentment , unravelling the mysteries about the unknown and the path of spiritualism besides academic pursuits – philosophy , science, political economy, astrology , medicine, mathematics, music, arts and what not. Hindus , therefore, have never desired to live and believe in exclusiveness hence any type of demand for a separate country has never been in their collective psyche just for example on the basis of how on brazen hate, exclusiveness and on pure communal grounds Pakistan was demanded and as such sliced out of this country in 1947 . Sheer stubbornness, adamancy and unyieldingness of M.A. Jinnah and his Muslim League in this context, cannot be overlooked as the preparations for demanding a separate Muslim country hence creating Pakistan had started right from 1930 .
However, the Nehruvian political term “secularism” was , therefore, not required at all to be included in the preamble which the drafting committee of the constitution observed hence did not make a mention of the same. Curiously enough, Shri Nehru who is genuinely or otherwise pilloried for being too liberal at the cost of the interests of Hindus who have no other country to live in or take refuge except India , was totally against, yes- it may be repeated – against inclusion of the word “secular” in the preamble . The members of the Drafting Committee largely agreed that the ”nature” of the Indian state was by nature and in principle adhering to the secular principles, from times immemorial hence the word ”secular” therefore, be dropped from the preamble . However, it was three decades later that with 42nd amendment, Smt. Indira Gandhi led government included it in the document. Had its necessity been felt during the intervening period of 1947 -1950 when the exercise of drafting of our constitution was underway, either on account of 82% of the population opposing any idea of not reciprocating creation of Pakistan by making India too a Hindu Rashtra or shown any inclination of not treating all citizens as equals with no discrimination under any form of government , perhaps, inclusion of ”secularism” in the preamble would have been felt necessary. See the intrinsic belief in inclusiveness and no hate coupled with unprecedented open heartedness of Hindus who neither demanded a theocratic state nor effectively agitated for it. Had it taken place , neither Mr. Gandhi nor Mr. Nehru and for that matter, nor any leader of the Congress could have prevented it. While the other side showed absolute narrow , cloistered and prejudiced outlook , this side with all grace of the highest order demonstrated tolerance, love, kindness, forget and forgiveness. This aspect needs to be noted very carefully and not just casually , least accorded no importance and should, therefore, be analysed when for no reason or cause , it is decided to launch organised agitations like Shaheen Bagh and the current one on wearing Hijab in class rooms of schools and colleges . The mechanism of doing all that which could further divide the people and generate doubts and misgivings while ”holding” tricolour and appealing and crying for justice for the sake of and under the garb of selectively referring to the constitution, is ill advised and uncalled for.
Hijab is not banned in this country of limitless liberty and freedom . Who said it is banned? Why should it be banned at all? However, why every issue should be tried to be linked to “our religious right” and where is this right infringed upon or restricted? Our robust judicial system in itself is a solid guarantee against such misgivings and reaffirming of and upholding the principles of constitution and protecting peoples’ constitutional rights. However, when some people appear to have no faith in the law, in the executive and importantly, not even in the judiciary, in those circumstances it is evident that the ”agenda” is other than what on the face of it seems and is agitated for. If all sections of the society start advocating about their respective religious rights to be exercised in educational institutions, offices , public places etc, and not be bound by the rules , then it will all be mess as we saw in Karnatka where this unwarranted controversy started all of a sudden, that some students too started to don draping of a particular colour . The chain reaction will ultimately lead to chaos and all mess , lawlessness and ultimately result in weakening the fibre of this country which should not happen at all.
Why history of this great country is not seen in the perspective when agitations over non-issues are conceived, manufactured , organised and sustained while curiously, simultaneously , tricolour is held in hands and constitution is brought every now and then more as alibis than for any instance of injustice meted out , or any alleged discrimination or denial of any right. Please, let the ”left out” and vastly shrunk India be not allowed to be further fragmented and its ancient rich culture , heritage, traditions and way of life slowly allowed to wither away. It should be seen that Afghanistan got separated from this vast country in the year 1876. Sri Lanka was part of this country which got separated from it in the year 1935, Myanmar – original Burma was sliced from it in the year 1937. Pakistan and Bangladesh were carved out of it in 1947. Earlier in 1947, the government of India inherited the treaties of the British Raj in respect of Tibet. Later, Government of India made its stand clear that it regarded Tibet as a de-facto country. In 1947-48 immediately after taking its birth, Pakistan treacherously attacked Jammu and Kashmir and forcibly grabbed large parts of the then state known as PoK which is still under its illegal occupation. Aksai Chin , was part of India until 1950 when China illegally ”occupied” it and later consolidated its position in 1962. What is left of this vast country now has got to be strengthened by all counts and on all grounds. So, there is no scope of any agitations with divisive aim or establishing separatist and non- mainstream agenda.
Opposition parties to the extent of opposing the government democratically and on issues, are quite legitimate in their right and changing governments for the better, can be done only through democratic means – through elections – but if some opposition parties just to oppose the Government may support , encourage and justify agitations like feelings of the air of “intolerance”, Award Wapsi, Shaheen Bagh, Farmers Agitation , Hijab agitation, even alleged hobnobbing with anti national and secessionist forces just to grab power, it is quite unfortunate and shocking. The non-negotiable and irreversible principle of ”the country first” , ”interests of the country first” , ”sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country first” , rest of the things later – must be given the highest regard and priority. Let frequently coming on roads and causing normal routine activities in the country to be disrupted be stopped and not keeping the mill of agitations operating on back to back basis as in that case, apprehensions sprout – “What now next”?