Admission through Entrance Tests

It is in reference to the article regarding admission by different Universities in our State for UG as well as PG courses, by Hamid Hashmi which appeared in DE July 27, 2018.
Well, the concerned authorities might be having some strong favouring points for the system adopted, to work out the merit of the applicants seeking the admission but the points brought out by the writer in the article convey a lot and can’t/should not be ignored. Thus very strongly, there appears, a reason to carry out a detailed study of the problem and if found fit, immediate remedial measures required to be taken for the overall interests of our youths, desirous of doing Graduation/Post-Graduation, many of them of course, would have already missed the train to catch the Professional Colleges after passing their class 12 exam.
There is an old saying that it is always better to depend on one boat rather than putting our legs in two, while negotiating any water ways. Exactly, the present selection system for the said admission, by our Universities, depending on the marks obtained in the entrance tests plus also on the marks secured in the Academic classes (Called Composite Percantage), is just like keeping our legs in two boats, hence inviting trouble.
To my mind, if we depend only on the marks obtained by the candidates in their academic classes and just forget the system of having the entrance tests, we can very comfortably save our precious time and money involved in the conduct of The Entrance Tests thus can successfully apply One Yard Stick for the admission purpose in all our Universities. Also, since it is an admission for UG/PG classes, testing the candidates by way of so called.. Mental Ability, Reasoning, General knowledge /Gen. English etc. can comfortably be left for the people who would, at a later stage, be providing the job to our successful graduates/post graduate. There is definitely a big difference between admitting a candidate in University for studies and accepting a candidate for providing A Job.
So, it is very strongly suggested that admission to UG/PG should be made purely on the marks obtained by the candidates in their academic exams and the system of having Entrance Tests, for such admission, should be abolished.
J M Behl
Sainik Colony, Jammu