Acharya Balkrishan christens three peaks, glacier

Acharya Balkrishan during his trekking expedition on Himalayas

‘Divine Powers are present on Himalayas’
Acharya Balkrishan christens three peaks, glacier

Sanjeev K. Sharma

First God almighty arranges food for his creatures and then they are born on this earthly world. See how before the birth of a child the mother’s breast is filled with milk.
These saintly words were of Acharya Balkrishan of Patanjali Yog Peeth during an exclusive online interview with the Excelsior.
“I firmly believe that on the similar pattern, for all the diseases on this earth, God has put in place all the required medicines in nature. The only need is to work hard to discover such medicines as everything is there hidden in the nature,” he further said adding: “If we the humans have not discovered such unexplored drugs so far, then it is our (humans’) fault, while, the nature has everything in its lap to satisfy all human needs.”
Stressing on research to explore more herbs hidden in the nature, Balkrishan said: “Research is not done either by completely staying in laboratories or by always wandering in forests. Products of human need may be there in forests but for their analysis, advanced labs are required. So with latest technology we should make all efforts to decode the secrets of nature for the welfare of humankind.”
Giving details about his recent trip to Himalayas which was intended to discover new herbs there, Acharya Balkrishan informed: “After completing our tour we brought many herbs with us to analyse them for their medicinal qualities and I am sure that some of the plants/herbs we have brought from the Himalayas have not been discovered so far.”
On Sanjeevani Buti, he said that they identified that rare herb some years back and presently work on it is going on but still more work is required to be done on it before putting the rare herb for human use.
“It is a strange type of herb. As you have seen in Ramayana it is not administered orally but its fragrance is taken to cure the ailments and it becomes effective in night hours only,” Balkrishan said.
He also informed that there are many plants and trees on the Himalayas and also at many other places which are poisonous in nature like some type of mushrooms but among these certain herbs are used in curing deadly diseases like cancer.
In collaboration with Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttarkashi and Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi, the trekking tour led by Acharya Balkrishan and Colonel Amit Bisht of NIM to the Himalayas started on September 11 from Haridwar and it concluded on September 25, 2022.
The trekking team was flagged off by Uttrakhand Chief Minister, Pushkar Singh Dhami and Swami Ramdev of Patanjali Yogpeeth from Gangotri on September 14.
Acharya Balkrishan said, though the trip to Himalayas was to discover new herbs but they also discovered new Himalayan peaks there.
“With the grace of God, we visited such places on the Himalayas where no human had reached earlier and we observed unique scenes there and christened the new peaks we found there,” he maintained.
Referring to one such peak at the Himalayas he said: “At a height of 22,000 feet we saw a big rock covered by snow from all sides giving resemblance of a Sadhu (saint) sitting in Samadhi (meditation posture) and a big cave adjacent to it and we named it as ‘Rashtra Rishi’ as a tribute to saints, soldiers, martyrs, revolutionaries and others who lived for the nation.”
Balkrishan also said that they named another peak at the Himalayas as ‘Yog Rishi’ to dedicate the same to Yogis right from Bhagwan Shankar to Yogiraj Krishan and to the Yogis of the present day.
“We named the third peak there as ‘Ayurved Rishi’ and dedicated it to the founding fathers of Ayurvedic culture which started from Charvak and continued to the times of Dhanvantri and also to the present era. After this we named a huge glacier between these three peaks as ‘Rishi Glacier’ or Rishi Bamak,” he said.
Acharya Balkrishan informed that in 1981 an attempt was made to reach these mountains by joint Indo-French expedition team but only a partial success was achieved by this team.
“Though on foot I have walked a lot on mountains but I had no prior experience of visiting such mountains and glaciers. Those who accompanied me included three climbers of Mount Everest and one person among us was very much experienced in climbing mountains while the fifth team member was me who was not habitual of living, staying and sleeping in snow and glaciers,” he further said claiming that he felt some power motivating him to move and move ahead during his tour to the Himalayas which culminated in success.
When asked if he experienced some extraordinary thing on the Himalayas, Balkrishan informed that entire Himalayan region is full of divine energy.
“Wahan Dhyan Bahut Jaldi Lag Jata Hai. Maan Ek Dum Sthir Ho Jata Hai (while meditating on the Himalayas you can concentrate in a very short time and mind attains stand still position halting all the flow of ideas and thinking),” he said adding that the same meditation takes hours at other places below.
“Those who don’t believe all this should sit for a few minutes on the bank of Ganges in Himalayas by closing eyes to experience the same,” he continued.
Very confidently Acharya Balkrishan made a claim that divine powers are present on Himalayas.
“As one starts observing inner world on Himalayas, one can easily experience the effect of divine powers there,” he said adding that one may experience more presence of such powers by meditating more and more at that place to witness how the divine powers in Himalayas empower ones spiritual powers.
Balkrishan said that caves where saints used to meditate on Himalayas are at a height of 12,000-13,000 feet.
“Tapovan is at a height of 12,500 and Gomukh at an approximate height of 12,000 feet. Above that it is tough for human survival,” he continued adding that while going up they saw a saint who lived in a small hut somewhere between Gomukh and Gangotri.
“This saint informed us that there used to be a Sadhu who dried up chapattis to take them with him to higher Himalayas where he stayed near the base of Kailash Mountain for some 5-7 months to years together,” Balkrishan further said without ruling out some great Tapasavis (seers) at heights on Himalayas where human existence is otherwise near to impossible.
He remembered the time from 1993-95 when he along with Yog Guru Baba Ramdev used to stay in caves at Gangotri for Sadhana (meditation).
“The discovery of Yoga in ancient times was done by Himalayan saints and at present we also began it from the lap of Himalayas. It is in the Himalayas where we gained knowledge about herbs and learned much from the saints there. We are indebted to our Indian culture and Rishi culture for all this,” Acharya Balkrishan said adding: “Had we lacked nature based culture and Rishi (saints) culture, we would not have done miracles in Yoga and Ayurveda today.”