Abrogation of Art 370 grants special privileges

Rohit Kapoor
Defanging of Article 370 and abrogation of Article 35 -A of Constitution of India by the Parliament of India continues to more than a morning breakfast head line of any Newspaper in the Country. It was a decision taken by the people of India in larger National Interest. One cannot change past but one can change future. And yes Sir, the decision surely, is an endeavor for peace and progress in this part of the county. We could do so and we have done it. Spit fire Television debates and street talks continue to give goose bumps to many for some unseen and unrealistic fears.
Abrogation of Article 35-A includes privileges like:
(1). Employment under the State,
(2). Acquisition of immovable property in the State of J&K,
(3). Settlement in the State,
(4). Right of Scholarship and such other form of aid.
In brief, the fear sought to be projected is stripping of special status has taken away their above privileges and this is to their prejudice.
Don’t live the same year seventy five times and call it a life.
Critics and political class may see the decision of Parliament through micro centric lenses but let a common man not miss woods for the trees. Do they have to be told what these two laws gave to a common man beyond sufferings, destruction and backwardness! If these two laws, were so sacrosanct and beneficial, then why we continue to face wrath of backwardness. More than seventy years of suffering and still they pose to of guardians of the needs & aspirations of a common man. Sheer hypocrisy. Don’t live the same year seventy five times and call it a life. Threat to culture and ethos is another humbug to mislead a common man once again. They must understand, anything for the betterment of people in a civilized never brings along any threat. So, now a time to forget the baggage of the past and move forward.
In any case, object of bringing change in Article 370 or abrogation of Article is no way connected with depriving people of J &K of privileges as such. Legally speaking, recent modification and abrogation of provisions of Article 370 and Article 35 -A respectively keeps all options open for grant of any advantage that may be required to people of this part of country for their economic or social upliftment.
And our belief is strengthened from the speech by not less than the Prime Minister himself at Red Fort on the auspicious day of Independence day. We the citizens of this country must respect our Prime Minister and the words spoken by him and hope for a positive.
Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Martin Luther King.
(The author is former Additional Advocate General)


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