Abrogation of 370

This has reference to K B Jandial’s Straight Talk ( 11 August, 2019). Kudos for correct incisive analysis on post 370 ” abrogation” including removal of 35A and creation of two new UTs with special reference to three distinct regions of Jammu and Kashmir. I fully agree that the boldest of the bold actions approved by 3/4th majority of Indian Parliament was long awaited and expected move all over the country. The long standing proxy war against Indian Union planned and programmed by Gen. Zia ul Haq of Pakistan caused mayhem and could be tackled only with such a strategic move. Those feeling deceived or further alienated must review things in correct perspective and not be misled by mischievous and far from facts narratives of inimical forces. Now, there won’t be fear of gun any more forcing generations to take violent unhealthy line of disunity. I join the multitude in seeing bright tomorrow ahead.
J K Vaid GSI (Retd)
Sidra, Jammu