Abdullahs, Muftis spoiled three generations of J&K, won’t allow them to divide nation: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi waiving to the crowd during a massive rally in Kathua on Sunday. Union Minister and party candidate from Kathua-Doda Parliamentary constituency Dr Jitendra Singh is also seen in the picture. —Excelsior/Rakesh
Prime Minister Narendra Modi waiving to the crowd during a massive rally in Kathua on Sunday. Union Minister and party candidate from Kathua-Doda Parliamentary constituency Dr Jitendra Singh is also seen in the picture. —Excelsior/Rakesh

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Sanjeev Pargal
KATHUA, Apr 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today came down heavily on National Conference and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) saying two families of Abdullahs and Muftis have spoiled three generations of Jammu and Kashmir and declared that he will never allow designs of these two parties to divide the country to succeed and J&K will remain integral part of India.

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Addressing a massive rally at Sports Stadium here in favour of Union Minister in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh, who is seeking second term from Udhampur-Doda Parliamentary seat, Modi said what was in the minds of Congress, National Conference and PDP has been exposed and these parties were now threatening to separate Jammu and Kashmir from India, they are threatening bloodshed, they are threatening separate Prime Minister (for Jammu and Kashmir).
“Just like the hollow nuclear threats of Pakistan have been badly exposed, we will not allow designs of these parties to succeed. They haven’t inherited Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. We will never allow its separation,” he declared and said: “Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had given the slogan of ‘Ek Vidhaan, Ek Pradhan, Ek Nishaan’ (One Constitution, One Head and One Symbol) for Jammu and Kashmir and this `Chowkidaar’ is also committed to that”.
Charging two families of Abdullahs and Muftis with destroying three generations and future of Jammu and Kashmir, Modi, in his 38 minutes speech, called upon the people to say goodbye to these parties in the general elections. He called upon the dynastic parties (National Conference and PDP) to bring in their more relatives to hurl whatever abuses they want but he will never allow the country to be divided-a reference to the demand of National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s demand for separate Prime Minister in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Modi is neither afraid nor will succumb to pressurizing tactics of these two parties,” he thundered as thousands of people yelled ‘Modi, Modi’ and ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkaar (Once again, Modi Government)’.
“Shyama Prasad’s ideology is ‘wachan patra’ (agreement) for us and carved on a stone which cannot be removed. This was the commitment of BJP and this chowkidar of the nation is linked to this ideology as well. Congress and its alliance partners can do their best but they will find Modi standing before them like a wall,” he said.
Asserting that every children in Jammu, Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh is a true Indian, Modi said “a handful of people can’t hold people as their slaves. He said Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s speeches given in Pune and Punjab that dynastic parties were enemy of democracy.
Taking on the Congress, the Prime Minister said ‘germs have entered into the blood of this party’ saying the party was talking of removing Army and scrapping Armed Force Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir, which gives special protection to the troops operating in the State.
Not only this, he said, the Congress was also demanding unconditional talks with those, who were taking funds from Pakistan, a reference towards the separatists. No nationalist party can speak such a language, he added and charged the Congress with conspiring to demoralize Army, para-military personnel and police in Jammu and Kashmir. He wanted to know from the Congress whether it was speaking the language of India or Pakistan. He charged the party with trying to stab the people in the back by raising the demand for removal of Army and revocation of AFSPA.
In a significant assurance, Modi virtually promised citizenship rights to West Pakistani refugees, who are putting up here without state subject since 1947.
“We will try to pass Citizenship Rule Bill if our Government was voted to power for another term to give citizenship rights to West Pakistani refugees,” he announced.
This has been a long pending demand of the West Pakistani refugees since independence. Modi Government has already announced Rs 5.5 lakh compensation to every family of West Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) refugees.
Modi said the Congress has no faith in the ability of armed forces.
“Congress stopped the armed forces from taking tough measures against the terrorists. They were apprehensive if they will give go ahead to the security forces and a situation like 1962 will emerge, the Congress boat will sink.
“Congress never understood the strength and capability of our Army. We used security forces for the national security but for the Congress, the Army is just an instrument of minting money,” he alleged and said the defense deals, whether it was Bofors, submarine and helicopters, they got the “Malai” (kickbacks) and were least concerned about the security forces.
Accusing Congress of playing vote bank politics, he said “even today they are raising questions on surgical and air strikes (in Pakistan) to shield their failure to act during their rule and to save their vote bank.
“They know the more they question and level wrong allegations, the more confusion will prevail and the morale of the jawans is hit but despite that the Congress and its alliance partners keep their politics above the national interest,” Modi said.
He added that the entire nation need to remain alert against them.
“The direction on which the Congress was trying to take the country, India had never emerged as a strong power at the global level. But the situation has changed, the days were gone when Indian Government used to be cowed down by threats. This is new India and we will kill the terrorists after intruding into (their safe heavens) and will expose such people (who provide them support),” he added.
Continuing his tirade against Congress, he said the country is still paying for the crime committed by it at the time of independence.
“It has lost the power and is jumping all bounders for making a return to the power,” he said asking people to never trust the party and said “don’t hope that Congress will come on the right track”.
The Prime Minister said Congress had lost the confidence of the nation which will not trust this party anymore.
Raking up surgical and air strikes, Modi questioned Congress for doubting the capability and capacity of the Indian Army.
Modi said he is committed to resettle Kashmiri migrant Pandits in their own land in the Valley.
He accused Congress for the migration of the Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley and said it will never be able to provide justice to the community and the victims of 1984 Sikh riots.
“It is because of the Congress policies, my Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters have to leave their homes (in the Valley). Congress and its allies (NC and PDP) are witness to the atrocities committed on the Pandits but paid no heed,” the Prime Minister said.
He said even today, the Congress is reluctant to speak about the issue of Pandits but “this chowkidar is promise-bound to resettle the Pandits on their land. This process has already been started.”
Accusing Congress of meting injustice to the people of the country over the past 60 years, he asked whether the party would be able to provide justice to the Kashmiri Pandits and the victims of 1984 Sikh riots.
“It is the party which is promising justice day and night but only to deceive the people,” he said alleging that “generation after generation, it deceived the people on the name of justice for achieving its political interests”.
Seeking votes for the party, he said the ‘chowkidar’ is making sincere efforts for your security and prosperity while maintaining the honour and dignity.
“Your vote in 2014 paved the way for three percent reservation for the border residing, 10 per cent reservation for poor families in education and Government services besides uplifting the standard of living of the poor families who got their own houses, toilets, free LPG and electricity connections,” the Prime Minister said.
He said the one vote in favour of BJP also ensured 12 crore farmer families started getting direct transfer of Rs 75 crore to their accounts annually and poor families getting Rs five lakh medical insurance cover, while the stalled work on Shahpur Kandi dam project was resumed.
The construction of roads, underground bunkers for border residents, tunnels and bridges, AIIMS, IIT and IIM also gained momentum in the State, he said.
“Your vote on April 18 will further pace up the development works and your vote to BJP will also give sleepless nights to some people across the border as well and will strengthen Modi,” he said.
He said it is not the election for Members of Parliament alone but you vote also to stamp “Naya Bharat’ and ‘Nayi Neeti” (new policies).
Modi said the heavy turnout of voters in the first phase of elections on April 11 in Jammu and Baramulla Parliamentary constituencies is a setback to terrorists, their mentors and the parties championing their cause.
“I visited the whole country after starting election rallies from Jammu last month and witnessed intense wave in favour of the BJP. The surveys conducted by various agencies also made it clear that BJP will get three times higher seats than Congress in this election and it is not possible for Congress to save itself,” he said.
Modi attacked Congress for the absence of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in the official function presided over by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu to pay tributes to the Jallianwala Bagh martyrs on the 100th anniversary of the British colonial era massacre.
The massacre took place at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar during the Baisakhi festival on April 13, 1919, when troops of the British Indian Army under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer opened fire at a crowd of people holding a pro-independence demonstration, leaving several dead and scores injured.
“There is the difference between Rashtriya Bakti (nationalism) and Pariwar Bakti (family loyalty). I know Capt Singh for decades and never questioned his nationalism. But I can understand the pressure build on him for this `Pariwar Bakti’ and the tactics being adopted in Punjab. The Captain too had to bow before it,” Modi said.
Referring to the absence of the Punjab Chief Minister in the commemoration ceremony organised by Union Ministry of Culture, Modi said the opposition abuse him for talking about nationalism.
“It is necessary to expose those people. Only yesterday when the whole country was paying tributes to the martyrs’ of Jallianwala Bagh, Congress was busy in playing politics.
“The Vice President went to Jallianwala Bagh to participate in a Government function to pay tributes to the martyrs but the Congress Chief Minister was missing. He boycotted the function because he was busy with Congress `Pariwar Bakti. He separately went there but did not find it fit to attend the Government function chaired by the Vice President,” he said.
Modi asked: “Was not this an insult to martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh, the Constitution, Vice President and the Government”?
“These are the same people (Congressmen) who are pushing the national interest behind to achieve their political interests. They are compromising with the national security,” the Prime Minister said.
Lauding the valour of the security forces, he said the question is why Congress is fearful and frustrated when it hears the name of surgical and air strikes inside Pakistan.
“The countrymen express proud on hearing these names, the respect and morale of our forces also go up, but the Congress is busy in playing politics,” he said.
In his address, Union Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Officer (PMO) Dr Jitendra Singh, who is the BJP candidate for Udhampur-Doda Lok Sabha seat, said there was revolutionary development in the constituency during last five years due to the support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“Such a massive development has not been witnessed in the constituency during last 65 years,” he said, adding the development took place under the patronage of the Prime Minister.
“Not only we initiated new developmental projects and completed them but we also revived the works stalled by the previous Government,” Dr Jitendra Singh said.
He declared that Kandi will no longer be the Kandi belt after Shahpur Kandi project.

* Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the sacrifices of BJP leader Anil Parihar and his brother, Ajit Parihar and top RSS functionary Chanderkant Sharma saying they sacrificed their lives while fighting against the terror. He said they will always be remembered by the country. Paying tributes to them, he said it was a sin to kill anyone in the hospital, where the people are treated. It may be mentioned here that Parihar brothers were martyred by the militants in Kishtwar on November 1 last year while top RSS functionary Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO were martyred on April 9.
* At the end of the rally, Modi took a pledge from the people to perform the duties of ‘Chowkidar’ against corruption and black money. He sought support of the people for taking tough action against the anti-nationals, final assault on terrorism, defeat of family rule, pushing infiltrators outside the country, action as per law against the deserters who looted the country and demolishing the wall of casteism. He read the pledge in Hindi and people responded by chanting `Ghar Ghar Mein Hai Chowkidaar’.
* The Prime Minister ended his speech by chanting the slogan of `Jai Bhim’ thrice to which the crowd responded enthusiastically. He also started his speech by paying tribute to Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, who is known as father of the Constitution of India. Today was birth anniversary of Ambedkar. The Prime Minister shouted `Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ thrice after his speech.
* The Sports Stadium in Kathua where the Prime Minister addressed the rally was packed to capacity and large number of people continued to pour in even as Modi started addressing the rally.
* Modi’s address lasted around 38 minutes.
* The Prime Minister was seen discussing few points with State BJP president Ravinder Raina before his address to the rally.
* This was Modi’s second rally in Jammu region. He had addressed a rally at Akhnoor for BJP candidate on Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha seat, Jugal Kishore Sharma on March 28. In fact, he had launched his election campaign from Jammu.
* Police had made tight security arrangements for the rally in coordination with the SPG. SSP Traffic ML Kaith said civilian traffic was allowed to move on Jammu-Pathankote National Highway even during the rally as the venue was away from the Highway. However, movement of trucks was stopped.
* Modi once again started his speech in Dogri saying he feel blessed by the Goddesses Bawe Wali, Sukrala Mata, Kali Mata and the people of Kathua for being called here (to address the rally). He hoped that the BJP would have fully come up to the expectations of the people of Udhampur-Doda Parliame-ntary constituency during the last five years. He expressed confidence that the people of this constituency will again give a chance to the BJP to serve them.
During his two previous rallies in Vijaypur in Samba district on February 3 and Akhnoor in Jammu district on March 28, the Prime Minister had started his speech in Dgori.