A solution or a problem?

Assembly elections in J&K
Satish Singh Manhas
The recent happening in Afghanistan, takeover of the democratic government by the terrorist ideology Taliban with the help from LET, JEM TTP and Haqquani network etc can easily be said that the situation in South Asia especially in Indian subcontinent can take an ugly turn anytime and the changing statements of Taliban’s with respect to Kashmir in the last two weeks is a testimony to that fact. The flickering stand of Taliban right from day one with regard to India is changing. Firstly they said, our soil won’t be allowed for use by anybody against anybody, foreigners against foreigners and for foreigners and by foreigners. But their quick change in stance with regard to Kashmir that as a Muslims, we have every right to talk about Kashmir is a dangerous signal, although a temporary cheer for Pakistan who might be definitely celebrating it.
Another worrisome concern is the return of thousands of terrorists from Afghanistan to Pakistan after making sure the victory of Taliban and their Government about to take off. Can Pakistan not divert these morally high fighting spirited terrorists who have recently helped Taliban win the war for them towards India in general and Jammu Kashmir in particular? Pakistan will make all out efforts in that direction, as reportedly a large number of these terrorists have even reached PoK and are just waiting for a direction from their top commanders to try to sneak and create disturbance and instability in Jammu Kashmir, although at the cost of their life and departure to hell by our security forces is for sure. But this needs a serious thought and a solid strategy to deal with. This has to be understood because any miscalculation can lead us to a troubled situation. So how wise is to go for an assembly election in a hurry? Needs a social and national manthan, only political won’t do!
Taking lightly the situation will lead us to a problem. Recently the celebration in Kashmir of takeover by Taliban over social media has again created a wave of favor towards Jihad, Pakistan and terrorists. The missing of some youths from valley is no less worrying a situation! This fresh sentiment of celebration of Taliban victory although amongst a few can be cashed against the centre and nationalist parties by the Kashmir based parties. So this may help gaining majority in Kashmir by the Kashmir based parities vouching for restoration of 370 and statehood etc. Holding an immediate assembly election in near future may prove a shot in the arm for regional Kashmir based political parties. Even a cake walk!
In such a situation if a Government is formed by the Kashmir based parties, it will be nothing short less than a headache for the centre. Because passing of resolution in the assembly in favour of restoration of article 370, restoration of state subject etc will be the definite political gimmicks like autonomy whosoever forms the Government. Then again a situation leading to dismissing an elected Government and imposing president’s rule may arise in Jammu Kashmir. A further space for highlighting the already subsided Kashmir issue may be created and in that situation the media houses, the so called human rights activists may also play havoc and a spoil sport for the center. It will ignite the already settling situation in Jammu Kashmir and moreover if the Jammu based or national parties form the government then again they will be accused of rigging and use of machinery etc by the Kashmir based losing parties. So in such a situation, going impatiently on the advice of some unemployed politicians, who without visualizing the national and international consequences are hell bent to pressurize the centre on holding the elations may prove disastrous. So going slow and wise with further wait and watch for at least two more years may prove beneficial.
Elections may create a solution but has a potential of creating a problem as well. Keeping in view the volatile situation in the south Asia; the center government must do all good to prolong the administrative control of Jammu Kashmir under it till time there is complete peace in the region in general and Jammu Kashmir in particular. Holding elections when militancy is not wiped out completely so more anti-social activities are expected and heavy infiltration attempts to sabotage the political process cannot be ruled out.
If the nation first is the DNA of BJP, then nation is doing well whether there is an elected Government in Jammu and Kashmir or it is under president’s rule. No major difference at national level except unemployment for some opportunist politicians. Because Peace in Jammu and Kashmir is not that helpful as disturbance in Jammu and Kashmir is damaging. So containing disturbance should be the main consideration of the center Government. Hence whether to go for assembly election in Jammu Kashmir or not is not that easy or an emotional or a slogan issue. It has a national and international relevance. Peace in Jammu Kashmir will glorify the nation and disturbance equally can lower down our national prestige. Besides any voice from JK under elected Government will be cashed on and amplified very easily as comparison to president’s rule.
Lastly, Once Pakistan helps succeed in establishing a Taliban Government in Afghanistan , it will be emboldened enough to inject all energy and militancy resources towards India. Pakistan is so emboldened to help the terrorists that his regular army commandos are openly fighting alongside Taliban in Panjshir, and Pakistan is not bothered about any human rights or international pressure. Emboldened Pakistan will definitely add fuel to the fire and as is notorious for his past mischief’s and so in such a situation a very tough message from Indian side must be in place that Jammu Kashmir is tonally under new Delhi’s command and control and army has all the powers to set things right at the border with Pakistan.
Under such circumstances and unstable geopolitical environment in the region the army command cannot be left to the control of any CM even for a second! Hope Modi Ji having practical knowledge and sensibility toward Jammu Kashmir will not allow things to go out of hands. In such a situation the poll bugle needs a full stop before it rises to ‘how is the josh”. And better to go for another political cooling period for two, three years if a lasting peace is to be brought in the region. Amid the Unity of the trio in Pakistan, Taliban and CHINA, Jammu Kashmir cannot be left to a lowered political guard. Because as a precautionary measure post takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, before any anti nationals get any oxygen from any source, that should be nipped in the bud, and this should be the top priority right now. Holding election in the present regional scenario may help anti national cause any sabotage. The “DRAPPING” of the dead body of separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani in Pakistani flag is nothing less than a warning signal and the proof to the presence of anti India sentiments and elements still ALIVE and operational in the Kashmir valley.