A Salutation to our Braves

Rajan Kour
‘Kande par do star bahut acche hain, aasmaan ke hazaar sitaron se’
They are brave warriors, munificent saviours and dependable humans and they have blended all roles in their persona with finesse. Courage and audacity runs in their veins so flawlessly that they even challenge death saying “if death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear I’ll kill death;” so voracious are they for inflicting hard hitting defeat on their enemy that they say, Yeh Dil Mange more.” This is the Indian Army- an institution par excellence which continues to heighten its standards with each passing day and with each convincing win , be it at the borders destroying its foes destructively or be it eliminating the brutal butchers spreading terror on the nations soil.
To reciprocate the Indian Army’s great sacrifices, Fahad Mir Foundation took a commendable step by organising an impressive and elaborate function commemorating Kargil Vijay Diwas at Drass. This provided a platform perhaps the first of its kind to the civil society to express in unison, Our Army Our Pride’. Though the foundation under the aegis of its chairperson Ruchi Chauhan Khan has from time to time been engaged in social causes such as road safety awareness, environmental issues besides advocating no to drugs but it sort of took a giant leap to help civil society express its solidarity with the men who have immortalised the spirit of sacrifice thus starting a cult of hero worship in the nations culture.
Consequently scores of people from all walks of life stuck together to offer their reciprocity to the men in olive. It provided an insight into the eager hearts of an indebted nation which is forever there to stand with its men religiously guarding its borders alongside maintaining peace and harmony inside too. The determination and courage with which the Army is rooting out terror from the nation especially from Jammu and Kashmir prompted the foundation to pay its deep regards to the force, which was graciously acknowledged by the Army. The Foundation had been preparing for this event for quite some time and its zeal bore the desired fruit in a grand manner as the idea caught the imagination of prominent citizens of the state who stood by it to turn it into reality. The foundation as such roped in well known figures to boost the morale of the forces.
The programme initiated on 18th July with a rally from Jammu university to Balidaan Stambh to pay obeisance to the men who have made supreme sacrifice for their motherland. Known singers Tanya Gupta and Sonali Dogra sang patriotic songs setting the stage for the events for the Kargil Diwas. The bikers rally was flagged off from Jammu and twenty bikers from ‘Bikers Brotherhood left for Drass. Dressed in their biker clubs’ attire, the zest of the young biking enthusiasts added a strong patriotic fervour to the event. Zooming past the scenic beauty of the hilly and rugged terrain of the state, chanting ‘Vande Matram’, these adventurous zealots were cheered on their way to the destination. Many prominent people too accompanied on way to Drass , the destination for the majestic and emotional event.
Ruchi Chauhan Khan who was the motivational force behind the grand function disclosed that it took lots of hard work to turn this dream into reality while adding it would not have materialised had the state administration, Police, Chamber of commerce and Media not supported in the huge manner that they did.
21st July-The day for the big event at Drass was certainly big and grand but it left everyone touched seeing the difficult conditions the soldiers endure to protect the motherland and its citizens. The Bikers received great applause from the Army. The highlight of the show was famous Bollywood Sufi singer Kailash Kher and richly talented actor Randeep Hooda besides women with silky and melodious voice Tanya Gupta and Sonali Dogra who had performed earlier at Jammu too.
The moment was sober too while remembering the valiant sacrifices of the soldiers during Kargil war but the feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and thoughtfulness weighed heavily in all hearts.
Singer Kailash Kher thoroughly entertained the soldiers while some shared stage with him in excellent rendition of his famous Sufi song, ‘ Tere naam se jee loon tere naam se mar jaaoon’, actor Randeep Hooda strongly appreciated the grit of the Army personnel and also shook a leg with them. The scene and the moments represented a grateful nations regard and respect for its forces. Famous cartoonist Chandrashekhar’s caricatures amused all and left an indelible imprint on many a hearts.
Says Ruchi Chauhan Khan, ” we need to learn many a lessons from our valiant Armed forces who despite braving extreme conditions and temperatures support the ‘never say die’ attitude.”  She said happiness and content was writ large on the soldiers who enjoyed the event completely.
“Fahad Mir Foundation has created a platform for the society to come forward from now on and express their respect and appreciation for all our forces, she added.
The country is fully assured that till its courageous men stand as shields, its borders and honour will remain intact.
Moreover the nation has nothing to fear till its valiant keep humming,” Hum rahein na rahein, Desh yeh zinda rahey.”