A much awaited performance

Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
“Sur Gwache
Swaye bi Russi Di Ae
Bhakh Lani Kiyan..
Tu  jo kitti  hi
Najren Najren
Asein O Bhulani Kiyan..?”
These are a few lines from a captivating Bhakh written by an eminent literary personality Mr. Ved Rahi, who has carved a niche for himself not only in Dogri Literature but has been a remarkable name as Film Writer and Film Maker in Bollywood also. But when a music composer of immense potential like Brij Mohan decides to find out “Sur” hidden within the words, then there is no hurdle in between and the result is CHAMATKAAR_3, a series immensely popular among music lovers and literary circle even going beyond language barriers now.
On 08th April, 2016 at Abhinav Theatre Jammu, the music lovers and dignitaries from literary field as well as from other performing arts were provided with another opportunity to be a part of a wonderful program based upon free verse poetry of Mr. Ved Rahi. The program was organized by Dogri Sanstha Jammu, a pioneer organization from the state working for boosting Dogri Language and Culture.
It is pertinent to add here that this program was entirely based upon Ved Rahi’s free verse poetry. There were five free verse poems that were composed by Mr. Brij Mohan and sung by Naveen Sharma, son of soil marking a distinct position for himself by taking advanced studies/trainings in Classical music i.e. Kirana Gharara at Delhi under able guidance of prominent classical singer Pt. Mani Parsad.
The program started with a beautiful poem,
“Chup Rehiye Prarthna kar
Tugi Parte Thoungan…”
Right from the very first poem, the magic had been created and the audience was spellbound. The voice over to this wonderful poem was given by a well known Drama Artist Ms. Kusum Tickoo.
After that  the following thought provoking  poem was served to audience,
“Kuthun kuthun kiyan kiyan
Ounde an Dukh….”
Ms.Promila Manhas, a well known Television, Radio anchor/ News Broadcaster and a prolific poetess in Hindi & Dogri Language just brought life to the poem in her distinctive style that was well appreciated by the gathering.
Dr. Lalit Magotra, an eminent writer in Dogri & Hindi Languages was at his peak while narrating another master piece from Mr. Ved Rahi’s pen,
“Kuthein gayein oh kavitan
Jedhiyan mein Sochiyan
Par Lakhoyian nei…”
It was followed by,
“Beete de sukh te beete de dukh
Sadhe Yaar Bani Gede an…”
Which was recited by an upcoming talented actor Pawan Verma.
“Chann trutya te odhe toote
Nahere de Dreya ich rudhi gaye…”
was another wonderful creation that created its own magic not only for content, recitation by Mr. Deepak Kumar, a well known Theatre Director but also for wonderful composition and execution.
While speaking on the occasion Mr. Ved Rahi who was thrilled with the presentation was of the view that it has been really a wonder to compose music for free verses. He was full of praise the way the CHAMATKAAR_3 has succeeded in making an impact by way of scintillating musical compositions as well as voice over /recitation of his free verse poems by well established actors and writers was executed. He said that although there seems no rhythm in free verse poetry but still there is rhythm that only the creator of that poetry feels. It was an amazing experience to watch that the same feel (Sur) was felt by music composer and when it got composed the singer also felt the right nerve.
It may be said like transition of “Sur”, the hidden one from poet to music composer and finally to Singer in such a way that the audience was mesmerized like rhythmical poetry and forgot that these are free verses. He was of the opinion that the title of such a program is also justified as CHAMATKAAR as it was in fact a wonder in real terms. On public demand he recited a few poems also that were widely appreciated by those present in Abhinav Theatre.
The musical evening concluded with a Bhakh written by Mr. Ved Rahi. It is pertinent to add here that Mr. Rahi is very particular for the revival of traditional music and Bhakh has been his favorite. The Bhakh,
“Sur Gwache
Swaye bi Russi Di Ae
Bhakh Lani Kiyan….?”
was able to cast a spell on the audience for its content, musical composition as well as execution by Naveen Sharma.
In the entire program, just like the singer and music composer, the instrumentalists also put in their best to make the presentation a memorable one. Rakesh Anand impressed everyone with Flute, Mr. Karan Malhotra at Tabla, Mr. Sanjay Pashi at Guitar and Mr. Chandan on Synth also performed with all potential thus helping the execution of the free verse poetry and Bhakh to perfection.
The program was anchored by a well known Theatre artist Raj Kumar Behrupia in his own style Chief Guest on this occasion was D.C. Raina and Lalit Magotra presided over the function.
In a conversation about the making of this series, Brij Mohan, creator of CHAMATKAAR_3 said that right from his childhood he was interested in taking up the challenges. As music composer, when he experienced from the other fellow music composers that composing music for Verses is quite okay but even thinking of composing music for free verses is beyond imagination. Then he made up his mind to take up this challenge and the result is quite obvious with the success of this series.
It is a fact that those who follow the footsteps of others are called the followers but those make their own way with all their innovation and creative output, they become the leaders in respective fields. Others are compelled to follow them.
While concluding I will like to add here that when we have a poet of the caliber of Mr. Ved Rahi, who uses even a single word with so much of depth in each of his creative works and especially poetry and with the privilege of having a passionate music composer in the form of Brij Mohan who makes use of even a single word with all innovation and finally for execution of Content & Composition if we have a talent like Mr. Naveen Sharma , the impact has to be a wonder and that’s what was witnessed by the elite gathering at Abhinav Theatre Jammu.