A much awaited crackdown

While under democratic set up of India, there is guaranteed right to every citizen of free speech, expression and hold opinions, articulate viewpoints and express dissent and disagreement, hold protests and demonstrations, at the same time no one has any right to spread hatred and animosity between groups and communities. Not even in the least, can anyone be allowed to cause and spread dissatisfaction with the system in the country shaped and carved out as per the constitution and the law of the land. No one, again, has any right to spearheading movements and campaigns aimed at and with ulterior motives in a manner that amounts to indulging in activities prejudicial to the interests of the country, its security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. No one in the country is supposed to, nor can be allowed to spreading dissatisfaction by misinterpretation of Government policies and laws passed by the Parliament of this country, to a particular section of the people to create hatred, doubts and anger against the state and its machinery.
Perhaps, India is such a country where too much liberty and freedom is enjoyed by the citizens and there is no discrimination meted out to anyone of any sort on any ground, creed, caste, religion, language, region, gender and colour. It is the only country in the world where minorities are enjoying all and equal rights fully supported and guaranteed by the constitution of the country and guarded / protected by an independent, responsive and vibrant judiciary.
If such a flexible and too much liberal setup of the country is unfortunately misused for ulterior motives, terror activities, terror funding and spreading hatred and evolving ”structures and channels” across the country for diabolical purposes, it is bounden duty of the Government to swing into action before the push comes to a shove of uncontrollable dimensions. Recently multiagency teams led by the country’s National Investigation Agency (NIA), on specific inputs and other information, conducted raids on many locations almost simultaneously across 15 states in the country and took into custody over a hundred of activists and leaders of one Popular Front of India (PFI), an Islamic Organisation which though claiming to be a “social” organisation with a commitment to “empower people” to ensure justice, freedom and security and advocating Muslim reservations whatever, has instead been found involved in activities prejudicial to the interests of the people and the country’s peace and security. It is really unfortunate that this organisation should be found arranging support and creating cadre based structure propagating and working for an alternative justice delivery system. For achieving that end, plans to using criminal force by this outfit for creating fear, alarm and hatred among the general public has been unveiled.
The arrests of some of its main leaders and activists and their stunning revelations during NIA remand point towards how this organisation was motivating the gullible but vulnerable youth to join the ISI and Al-Qaeda organisations. Before Ernakulum NIA special court, the investigating agencies referred to the “revealed” hit list targeting prominent leaders of a particular community prepared by the PFI. The hate literature, the seized incriminating documents etc related to such targeting and other material were aimed at indulging in unlawful activities prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony and to disrupt public tranquillity.
However, the arrests of the 106 activists and leaders of the PFI across the country sparked protests in Kerala and Chennai where public and private properties were damaged. A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court had to “intervene” taking a suomoto cognisance of the violence reported following the call for state wide Hartal given by the PFI against the arrests. The Court termed the Hartal as illegal and directed the State Government to take strong action to prevent violence. The Bench also gave instructions for furnishing of the information of damages to the court.