A guide to becoming an Azure Cloud Architect in 2022

Azure is a platform curated by Microsoft to offer cloud computing solutions to help manage, test, build and install applications. The platform supports IaaS, SaaS, and even PaaS to deliver upscale cloud services that include programming languages, tools, systems, and frameworks. Many organizations use the services provided by Microsoft Azure, such as networking, storage, and analytics, in their daily business operations. In addition, Azure is a public cloud, so any business, no matter how small, can purchase these services for their organization.

Azure provides Microsoft certifications to provide computer architects with adequate training in this field. Azure also brings together diverse, talented contributors, project managers, and developers to curate standout software development.

With these certifications, you can easily crack a great job and master cloud services on time. Apart from this, you can also unravel reputed career opportunities that foster high pay. With the diversity in Azure certifications, you can choose which one to opt for and benefit from them accordingly. Once you refurbish your skillsets in this field, it will become easier for you to access high-paying career opportunities.

The job of a cloud architect is in high demand at present. If you are considering a career in cloud computing in Azure, this is the best time to sharpen your skills by undergoing Microsoft Azure training. These courses help you harness the comprehension of this premium and the required process.

Benefits of getting an Azure Cloud Architect Certification

With more organizations embracing cloud computing and digitization, there has been an increased demand for professionals who can develop and maintain the systems and services that provide the features and securities people rely on.

A Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect is one of an IT professional’s most in-demand job profiles in 2022. Thus Azure Cloud Architect Certification will not only open all the doors for incredible career opportunities that are high-paid but also have great future prospects.


If you opt for an Azure certification in 2022, you will receive exclusive benefits in the long run. Of many, one is getting a grip on structural learning leading to immense career growth and flexibility.

This certification will also help you explore fast learning opportunities alongside leveraging security offerings. Candidates can also make the most of integration improvements with the .NET platform. The best thing about Azure is the four distinct types of cloud computing services it provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Serverless.

When a business purchases the Azure services, they only get billed for the services they used by the end of the month. So it is cost-effective even for small businesses that can choose only the specific service they need and pay for those services.

How Microsoft Azure certification benefits you as a professional:

1.     Prepares You For Different Industries

2.     Improves Your Developer Skills

3.     Improves Your Earnings

Although a degree isn’t required, it will make your resume look impressive, and employers may prefer a certified professional over a non-certified one. In addition, a professional certificate validates your expertise in the particular field, which makes the employers believe in your skills and apprehension about the process.

What does an Azure Cloud Architect do?

A cloud architect is an IT professional responsible for developing and designing a robust, scalable, and cloud-based platform. They have in-depth knowledge and understanding of operating systems, programming languages, networking, and security.

How to become an Azure cloud architect in 2022?

To become a cloud architect, you must have a strong base in cloud computing or a technical field. In addition, you must possess certifications, a master’s degree, and experience documents to exhibit your mastery in this industry and have the upper hand. Organizations often prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees in computer science, IT, or electronics.

To establish a strong foundation in a cloud computing career and become a cloud computing architect, you must have:

  • Deep knowledge of all operating systems.
  • Comprehensive understanding of networking.
  • Mastery of computer programming languages.
  • Profoundly erudite about critical security concepts.

Also are required:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, electronics, or any related technical field like B Tech, BCA, MCA, etc.
  • A cloud architect’s position is generally mid or executive-level. So securing detailed knowledge on practical projects is essential. Hands-on experience can work instantly.
  • A cloud architect must constantly upskill to stay at par with trends. The cloud computing online courses allow you to amplify your skills and gain thorough knowledge. In addition, these certifications validate your design, networking, storage, and security knowledge.

Final words

The job of a cloud architect is in high demand, and the opportunities that come with it are limitless. There will be a growing demand for cloud professionals as more and more firms, large and small, migrate to the cloud. With continued exponential growth predicted over the next few years, becoming a certified Azure cloud architect is the right career choice. This article briefly overviews the Azure certification and the learning paths. We hope you found the information insightful and valuable.

Thus to conclude, Microsoft Azure certification can skyrocket your career in the Technology field. Azure certification will open up multiple opportunities for you as cloud computing professionals become increasingly valued employees. It will also help you master the world of cloud and understand the present cloud market in a much more defined order. Leverage the benefits of Azure certification in 2022 to expose yourself to the best of the best technical opportunities.