A contemporary issue

Asian Indian Family Enjoying Meal Together

Dr Radha Gupta
Mamta Choudhary

In this swift moving world the life style has changed a lot. Earlier people used to live less rigorous and more carefree life following which the relations were stronger with their loved ones. In recent decades the pace of life has accelerated dramatically as everyone is rushing to work even longer in order to attain modern standard of living.
The urge of having lavished life style is putting more pressure on the bread earners even at the cost of staying away from the family in order to devote more time in their respective occupations.
This kind of mindboggling efforts is creating a distance that appears to be increasing in families and is responsible for the growing divide between parents and their off springs.
There are several other reasons why the gap between two generations is getting wider day by day as this gap is actually shrinking the process of relocating the value system among the budding generations.
In this era of competition, where working parents are putting more efforts round the clock to get their aspirations fulfilled has left them with lesser time to spend with their families. As a result, the modern generation gets deprived from necessary guidance, care and affection from their parents and they usually indulge in various undesirable activities which of course can be overcome when both spend quality time for sharing emotions, sentiments, feelings and other outer experiences with them.
These deprivations not only make them emotionally weak but also have impact on their overall personality. The strong and emotionally stable character of an individual can be built by giving them due share of what they deserve.
The vacuum which has been created due to paucity of time between two generations can be filled by maintaining balance between family and occupation on one hand and by broadening & respecting the role of grandparents on the other. Grandparents are the source of knowledge and wisdom.
Their unconditional love, support and the process of sharing values especially when parents are away from their children, significantly benefit children in contributing to their development of self-esteem. Grandparents can also be a source of stability and safety as they give advice on the basis of their past experiences in various situations.