A book for children

O P Sharma

Name of the book Seekh-Mat in Dogri
Author Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Publisher Highbrow Publications,
Bari Brahmana, Jammu.
Price Rs 250

The Dogri literature is growing up steadily, especially after the inclusion of this language in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, with new titles on variety of subjects coming out regularly enriching it further. Another heartening feature is that new books in Dogri for the children are also being written and published to meet the pressing demand of the younger generation.
In this cause Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’, has authored a book entitled ” Sikkh Matt” for the children in the Dogri language. Released recently at a well-attended function at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu, it was highly praised for its appropriate treatment of the stories, written in the language of children, on their favourite topics, popular characters and in an easy-to-understand and absorbing style. It is in their mother-tongue and the stories are related to their surroundings. The book was instantly and warmly welcomed by the literary circles and children groups as a notable addition of Dogri books for the children.
Absorbing Stories
The author has written seventeen small short stories suiting the taste and temperament of the children in rural or urban background, catering to their psychological, social and cultural settings . The language is simple, direct and related to their daily routine household life. The writing for the children is all the more difficult and daunting task. But Mr Raju has finely done it. The special selection and treatment of subjects of interest for the children is one thing and another is ” way of communicating effectively your ideas for telling effects”.
Literary Merit
Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ does not need any preface as for as Art arena or Dogri literature is concerned. He has already authored two famous short story Dogri books, has 10 stage plays , many broadcasts and telecasts to his credit. In addition, he often writes for the print media . He has carved out a niche for himself in mother tongue Dogri. It is praise-worthy that he is doing it all in addition to being a manager in the J&K Bank and it speak volume about his capacity and ability!
“Sikkh Matt”, a collection of children short stories in Dogri language, is third book as his previous two books are : “Kho’udhal’ and “Adh Majhtai” published in 2013 and 2015 respectively which were widely appreciated in literary circles and even admired by critics for their literary merit. The plus point of Mr Raju is that his stories are always close to real life rather than being mere fiction. The first book ‘Khou’dhal” won him Prof. Ram Nath Shastri Award in 2014.
Stories with Message
After having written “realistic and matured” literature, Rajeshwar turned to pen down this book for children. It has met the demand for literature for children in Dogri. It was an able and bold step which may inspire others to enrich Dogri literature for children so that our children too shape up properly of being outstanding citizens of the New India and as decent and alert human beings.
All stories in this book have been woven around beautiful plots that are lovable, creative and sustain interest of the readers and leave a deep mark.. Each story seems to be unique as the language is simple, the plots are interesting and the technique adopted is creative that makes this book a must for every family.
It is worth mentioning that Rajeshwar has used his own children Cherry and Rijul as two important characters in some stories with the writer aptly applying his own skill of story- telling. At first an atmosphere is created to start with some interesting conversation between the three and sometimes writer’s wife too joins the trio to generate more interest through story-telling. The reader gets absorbed in the narrative and find much “food for thought” and also some memorable morals or lessons out of each story.
Essence of Life
Rajeshwar has very cleverly used the familiar characters at home like father, mother and their kids in their daily talks to convey moral values which are part and parcel of children literature but none of the lesson has been forced upon. Rather the kids themselves travel through these stories and extract the thought behind each story as these are quite simple keeping in mind the Kids’ psychology.
Rajeshwar has used all his tools very skillfully to maintain the interest of readers. Each of stories of “Sikh Matt” ultimately conveys a very vital message which is certainly served like a” sugar-coated tablets” to the kids.
A glance at the stories like: Golu Molu, Koshish, Kanoon Da Palan, Changi Sangat, Ziddi Munna narrate the stories with create interest and sustain it till the end. Such stories do leave deep imprints on the tender minds of children and help make them men or women of high quality. SAAF SAFAI tells about the importance of cleanliness that has been our strong movement, SAMBH SAMBHAL is about saving nature, PAANI ANMOL is about the importance of saving water, a growing concern and now global issue; Waqt Balwan tells utmost importance of time ‘, Talmel is a story about balance to be maintained between study and games.
The book ” Sikkh Matt” is well designed, in handy size, the print quality is fine and certainly it is a standard publication at par with the children literature elsewhere in India or abroad. The contents are superb and the painting/picture in some stories add to its get up and attraction. That Children Literature in Dogri is enriching is a welcome era for this present and the future generations. All the citizens must read and keep such a book in their family libraries and also preserve these in public and educational libraries.
( Starline Syndicate Service)