A big leap in solar energy capacity

Underlying the vast importance of capturing solar energy and turning the same into electricity or power for our homes, business centers, malls, institutions etc and country’s planned efforts in its generation and distribution, India is set to achieve 100 GW of solar energy capacity by the year 2022. It already has installed solar capacity of 23.12 GW as at the end of July this year. Central Electricity Authority, in this connection is consolidating data in respect of generation of power from various renewable energy projects.
Investments in the sector mainly from international players were destined to get a fillip with rationalization of import duties and other tax rates on existing agreements. Of late, good and encouraging results have started to come in with regard to solar capacity addition and undue criticism about the momentum having slackened due to unavoidable reasons for a few months has been proved wrong.
India was on a right trajectory suiting energy boosting in this sector and the coming years were loaded with good promises to make the targets set for the year 2022 realizable and  achievable. New projects are under implementation and fresh tenders for more capacity have been issued. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh were among the States topping in installed solar energy capacity. Our State, which has huge potential of solar energy needs to take a cue and a direction from these two States. The country has a vast potential of solar power estimated at 748 GW and we can make its best use without disturbing ecology or spreading any air pollution. Its economic cost over the years makes it the cheapest available energy.