8 Features in Air Coolers That May Help You Beat The Heat

Air coolers have undergone a significant transformation over the past few years. They are not just a device limited to cooling and dissipating heat. The coolers are equipped with multiple functionalities and features that ensure you get clean and healthy air. Modern-day coolers even have various advanced features, which makes them an excellent choice. You can certainly invest in an air cooler to beat the heat and maintain the freshness of your room. One of the best things is that the air coolers are relatively cheap compared to air conditioners. Moreover, they are portable, and you can consider moving them around from one room to another.

The modern air coolers are equipped with advanced features for which you may have to pay extra. However, they are worth it and should be considered as an investment. Here are some of the features that you must pay attention to and beat the heat this summer.

  1. Autofill feature

It is one of the most beneficial features which eliminates the need for filling the water tank again. Therefore, you may not have to worry about the water tank getting empty at midnight. All you have to do is certainly connect it to a relevant water source. You must look for this in the advanced and modern air coolers.

2. Mosquito net and dust filters

Modern-day air coolers are equipped with various features, and one of them is advanced filters. They are equipped with mosquito, dust, and various other filters that ensure that the air is clean and healthy. We can say that modern-day air coolers are as efficient as air purifiers. These filters will even prevent mosquitos and insects from entering the cooler, which can be beneficial for the life of the air cooler.

3. Wi-Fi connectivity

Gone are the days when you had to use an electrical device manually. From air coolers to ceiling fans and air conditioners, all of these electrical devices come with Wi-Fi connectivity and smart features. The Wi-Fi-enabled feature will make it convenient for you to access the air cooler and use it efficiently. You may be able to control the cooling capacity within a click from an app. Therefore, it makes it easier, and one should look for this feature while looking for efficient air coolers.

4. Alexa and Google Assistant Features

Modern-day coolers also come with voice-control features, and you can even access them via Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart and modern technologies have made it easier and more convenient for us. It allows users to operate the air coolers using their voice and adds to the overall convenience.

5. PM 2.5 Filter

There are some air coolers that even come with in-built 2.5 PM Filters. This is an effective filter and can be used to protect from air pollution. With the rise in global warming and pollution levels, you should not take any risks. You should consider investing in devices that are equipped with such filters. These will provide you with an ideal level of protection and ensure that the surroundings are clean.

6. Touch button controls

Another major change that we have observed in all electrical devices is the addition of touch control buttons. There are even air coolers that come with remote controls for easy functioning. Therefore, you should considerably look for this feature while looking for air coolers. It will particularly make it easier and more convenient for you to control the air cooler.

7. Motor Overload Protection

You also need to pay attention to the safety features that can improve the shelf life of your air coolers. When the motor is excessively used, it can damage the cooler and may also arise the risk of shocks. Motor Overload Protection is a safety aspect, designed to protect the monitor. It also monitors the current flow in the circuit. It is designed to protect during critical situations such as emergency risks and electrical faults. The feature may also be helpful when the water gets finished.

8. Auto Drain

Draining dirty water from the air cooler can be a cumbersome and overwhelming process. However, modern air coolers come with efficient features such as an auto drain function. It eliminates the need to drain out water from the cooler. The feature will allow you to remove and drain the water automatically. Therefore, you must look for this critical feature while choosing the air cooler.

Technology is evolving and each day we discover new technological features. These are some of the common features that are engineered in most modern air coolers. We expect to see more such technologies that will add further convenience to our lives. From auto drain to auto-fill, there are multiple features that may help increase the efficiency of the air cooler. You should certainly pay attention to the features and choose an air cooler that fits your needs.