77 X-Ens transferred

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 30: The Government today issued orders of transfer and postings of In-charge Executive Engineers (Civil/Mech) in the Public Works (R&B) Department.
Javed Bukhari, I/C Executive Engineer TT Div Srinagar has been shifted and placed as I/C Xen Const Div-II Sgr vice Nasir Hussain who has been posted to PMGSY Div Ganderbal against an available vacancy. Tanveera Mir, I/C Xen LRCR Div Srinagar has been posted as TO to Chief Engineer R&B Kashmir, Bashir Ahmed Rather I/C Xen City Roads Div Srinagar as I/C Xen PHC vice Ab Rashid Lone who has been sent to PMGSY Baramulla.
Feroz Ahmed Chat I/C Xen PMGSY Baramulla has been sent to JKPCC, Syed Sajjad Ahmed I/C Xen PC Div -I Sgr to TT Div Sgr vice Bukhari, Sheikh Basharat Hussain I/ Xen from Sports Council to Project Cont Div-Ist vice Sajjad Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed Banday from PMGSY Uri to New Ganderbal Hydroelectric Project, Aijaz Ahmed Wani to Landscape Div to R&B Div Tanghdar.
Nazir Ahmed Parray I/C Xen Mughal Road Div Shopian has been posted in SIDCO Kashmir, Mehraj-ud-Din I/C Xen RRCR Div Srinagar to PMGSY Uri, Basharat Jaleel from PMGSY Div Budgam to LRCR Div Sgr, Javed Maqbool Sheikh from PMGSY Anantnag to PMGSY Div Budgam, Mohd Ashraf presently with CE Kashmir to City Roads Div Sgr, Showkat Ahmed Dar Khanabal Div to JKPCC, Mohiuddin Akhoon from PMGSY Kupwara to JKPCC, Ab Rashid Malik from SSA to R&B Div Khanabal, G M Sheikh presently attached with Administrative department to PHC Jammu vice Sunil Gupta, Abdul Rashid Sheikh from Adm Deptt to PMGSY Kupwara, Mohd Sidiq Malla from JKPCC SSA Sgr, Bashir Ahmed Agoo from New Ganderbal HEP Div-I PDC to Mughal Road Project, Mohd Abdullah Sheikh TO to Development Commissioner Works has been placed as I/C Xen Town Planning Org Kashmir, Sidharath Zutshi presently attached with CE R&B Jammu as TO to Development Commissioner Works, Ghulam Hassan Khandey from Adm department to Landscape Div Sgr, Mohd Ayub Wani from Floriculture Div to RRCR Div Sgr, Rafiq Ahmed Rafiq from Adm Deptt to Sports Council, Nissar Ahmed Pandith from R&B Div Tanghdar to Central University Kashmir, Tsering Angchuk from the office of CE R&B Kashmir to TDA Nazkar, Ajit Singh Chopra awaiting orders of adjustment has been placed to R&B Div Uri.
Daya Ram I/C Xen PMGSY Ramban has been posted as Xen R&B Div Bhaderwah vice A N Kundal who has been placed as I/C Xen in JMC vice Arvind Gupta. Bashir Ahmed Khandey presently attached with CE R&B Jammu has been posted in PMGSY Doda, Pawan Gupta from Floriculture Jammu to JKPCC, Janak Raj Bhagat from CE Jammu office to PMGSY Jammu, Ajay Gupta from PMGSY Jammu to PMGSY Ramban, Kewal Krishan from Adm department to SMVD University on deputation, Vijay Kumar to PMGSY Poonch, Ashok Kumar Rawal to REW Kashmir, Hari Chand to ERA Kashmir, Sunil Thusoo to SSA, Amardeep Singh to J&K Housing Board vice B A Bhat, M L Kundan to R&B Div Marwah and Paramjeet Singh from CE R&B Jammu office to GMC Jammu vice Jaspal Singh who will report to CE R&B Jammu.
Rajesh Bhagat, I/C Xen presently attached with CE R&B Jammu has been placed in PMGSY Anantnag, Sajjad Ahmed Naqeeb from JKPCC to the office of CE PMGSY Kashmir as Tech Officer, Latief Haroon from JKPCC to RDD Kashmir, Bashir Ahmed War from RDD to JKPCC, Parvaiz Ahmed Bhat from ERA Kashmir to JKPCC, Javid Iqbal to RUSA on deputation, Sunil Gupta and Mushtaq Ahmed Sagoo both as I/C Xens, PIU with R& R Department, BL Koul from J&K Cements Ltd to JKPCC, J S Rana from JKPCC to PMGSY Jammu, V K Gupta from JKPCC to PMGSY Jammu in CE’s office, Ishar Dass from PMGSY Doda to PMGSY Jammu, Madan Lal Bhains will report CE R&B Jammu, Afaq Ahmed (Mech) I/C Xen Flood Mech Div Baramulla I&FC Deptt under orders of transfers to LAWDA has been placed in JKPCC, Manish Singh Khurana ( mech) from LAWDA to MID Shadipora, Shafat Jeelani ( Mech) from Hospital & Central Heating Div Sgr to LAWDA Sgr, Jaid Ahmed Khan ( mech) from MID Shadipora to Hospital & Central Heating Div Sgr, Kewal Krishan (Mech) to MID Jammu and Vijay Kumar Arora ( Mech) from Mech Irrigation Div to Stores Procurement Deptt as Dy Director vice Shiv Kumar who will report to Chief Engineer (Mech) till further orders.


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