7 Bottom Suggestions to Match Up with A Kurti

Kurti has all the right reasons to have space in your wardrobe. Not only one piece but a number of them for they are many designs to it. To begin with, a Kurti, if worn the right way, can never go wrong to give you a pretty look. Plus, they are comfortable despite the type you choose in fabric or style. They are also easy to redesign and restyle to fit your preference and taste. Although you can style a Kurti with various bottoms or wear it bottomless. To achieve a graceful and classic look with it is best to pair it with bottoms to complete the look. Here are 7 bottom suggestions that you can choose from to match up your Kurti.
Palazzo pants
Firstly, palazzo pants are an integral part of your wardrobe. These pants are suited for all occasions and they are bottoms that you can pair with ease along with other traditional pieces. While looking for the right palazzo to match to go well with your Kurti. As you shop for ethnic wear in online and offline stores. Choose the most suitable for your Kurti and upgrade the look it brings out. Since there are short and long Kurtis to pair up with these bottoms. Mix and match them to give you a sophisticated look. For instance, a short Kurti is best paired with a flared palazzo bottom. While the long one a straight-cut Kurti is a more conservative look. After all, the look you aim for depends on the Kurti you wear and the occasion you are attending. Ensure the Kurti and Palazzos are in contrasting colors to give your look a classic and edgy look.
This salwar like pants is among the most matched with Kurtis. As you search the internet through stylecaret ethnic wear shopping there are many ready-made Kurtis paired with leggings. This shows how this body-hugging bottom is a popular match for the Kurti. It comes in various shapes, styles, and prints making it easy to choose one to style your Kurti. The leggings boost your Kurti look in a matter of time and it has a more decent appearance with a long Kurti compared to the short one. A long Kurtis with the front cut is also a great match for it exposes more of the leggings.
Dhoti pants
Dhoti pants are unique and they are styled into various designs. Other than wearing it as a bottom to a Kurti or kurta. The Dhoti is a versatile piece in how you style it and it always comes out as an elegant piece. Some beautiful pieces you can adorn as dhotis are dhoti sarees, dhoti gowns among others. However, with a Kurti, it gives a playful look with its chandelier like flair making it easier to work with. Choose matching or contrasting colors and unique designs to wear on to many occasions. Dhoti pants are also light and are best for summer seasons for they allow the skin to combat the heat.
The Kurti and skirt is a beautiful blend due to the flowy appearance it portrays. The trick here is to pair a long skirt with a short or knee-length Kurti and vice versa. However, since the skirt is the bottom choice for the Kurti it is not compulsory to pair it necessarily with this trick. It depends too on the type of Kurti you are pairing it with and how you want to look. For instance, a long ankle-length Kurti with a front slit that shows off your belly area is a perfect match with a long skirt for a gorgeous look. Choose the right fabrics for these two outfits and ensure the designs emphasize the other.
Harem Salwar’s
The harem is a bottom that is loved by everyone from celebrities to ordinary Indian women. It is styled in so many ways especially as a unisex garb, to pair it perfectly make sure the Kurti is short. The beauty of the harem salwar is that in comparison to the Aladdin salwar’s they do not have tight cuffs hence the airy appearance. This will alsoavoid making your outfit look mismatched for long Kurtis are not best with this bottoms. For instance, Afghani Harems are shorter types of harem pants that are ankle length. Its ballooning silhouette makes all the difference in your overall outfit. It is best to choose the Afghani harem if you want to look taller.
Jeans are the most comfortable bottoms that you can pair with a Kurti. The jean and Kurti pair has a neat and trim chic look that no other bottom can replace. This one favors both the short and long Kurti, especially with a good ankle length jean. Types of Kurtis designs that you can pair with jeans are, side slit long Kurti, semi-sheer Kurti, multi-slit Kurti among others. This looks are preferable for most occasions. Pairing this up makes you keep your look classy and slightly casual.
Cigarette pants
Unlike the palazzo, cigarette pants are straight cut pants that look like formal pants. These pants give a fancy look when paired with the right Kurti. Long Kurtis are a popular choice to wear with these pants. However, one can experiment with other Kurti types as well. The long Kurti with a front slit that shows off your abs together with the cigarette pants underneath will give you a sophisticated overall appearance. It is common among college students and women who love trendsetting.
Fortunately, a Kurti is one of the ethnic pieces that you can pair with ease with various bottoms. The ones listed above and others that you witness in fashion street are perfect for pairing a Kurti. Choose a good bottom to flaunt your Kurti with. Plus, ensure you know what type of Kurti brings out an outstanding look with what bottom. Some like Aladdin salwar, culottes are unique and trendy women prefer them when they need a look to stand out of the crowd.