7 best strategies to clear CAT 2018

Everything in life does not come easy, it requires hardwork and dedication. Preparation for CAT without the help of coaching classes may seem daunting but it is very much possible if you are willing to put in the time and effort. To be willing to dedicate time and effort into preparation for CAT will as assuredly bring about success. To meaningfully channelize your time and effort, here are some tips that could guide you.
Formulate a Plan
The first step is to prepare a plan which involves a set time for study which should be strictly maintained. Have an outline of content that need more work or indepth study, revision and trying mock test sets.
Attempting mock tests
The next step to preparing for CAT would be to diligently attempt the mock test sheet and form an assessment of the areas that need further work. In the initial stages, it is good to go through 2-3 a week, which will give you a headstart of where to begin if you’re still unsure of the same. While going through the mock test, it is paramount that a thorough analysis of the answers are done to give you an idea of where you stand and how one should proceed from there.
Increase your retention
Taking measures to ensure you do not study at a stretch will lead to better and longer retention. Studying too long will lead to jumbled thoughts that in turn will lead to jumbled concepts.
Taking just 15-20 minutes break in between courses allows you to freshen your mind and body for the onset of new knowledge.
Focus on new and tough concepts
While studying it is best to begin with the tougher and newer concepts. Be confident in them enough to not rely on rote-memory and most questions are application based so forming a comprehensive study is better.
Opt for Online Material
If not coaching, you can prepare via online resources like apps, YouTube channels, blogs etc. Some of the popular websites include TIME, HandakaFanda, Career Launcher. On the other hand, you can take help via YouTube channels like Byju’s, Perfect Scores etc.
Time Management and Revision is must
Once that is done you can move on to revision of the courses or contents you may be familiar with. Revision of the contents is vital. Alongside, you must read articles, reports or blogs about world and national events. While reading at first, you may not know the meaning of every word, but in conjecture with the sentence you get an idea of what the word means.
The skill of time management is influential, such a skill will ease one’s way to success. Being able to manage time basically means incorporating unerring techniques in coming to the right conclusion. Make sure you cover all the syllabus course in a day,as in, ensure that your set time table has allotted time for very course. This will ensure you devote time to every aspect of the course and have not neglected any single one for lack of time management.
Master your confidence
As the days near the exam, it would be pertinent to take a step back from studying and preparation and focus on solving as many mock tests set as you can, preferably 4-6 in a week. This will strengthen your mastery over the course content and also enable you to build self-confidence. It will also give you a real sense of your achievement level.
Finally take a complete break from studying or mock test atleast 2-1 day before the exam and focus on rejuvenating your body and mind. Take a run, do yoga or simple just hang out with your friends or family. This will clear your head space to get you ready for the exam fresh and carefree.
Now that we’ve assisted you with the preparation tips for the exam without coaching, you must follow the same and accelerate your preparation. Good luck!
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