Abhorring low grade plastic and polythene

Plastic pollution has reached the dimensions of wrecking disaster in the environment as plastic products adversely affect human beings, wildlife habitat, water bodies,  etc to the extent of causing concern and a total commitment to refuse and totally discard its use was perhaps the only solution. Back to nature and natural ways, seem the only alternative to salvage the position. Our commitment to celebrating the fast approaching World Environment Day on June 5 which has the theme, “Beat Plastic Pollution” must be far from being symbolic and nearer to a total pledge to vigorously tire for saying a big NO to plastic and polythene items . Their toxic effects are frightening and in most of the cases, irreversible.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi who shares with the countrymen very useful apolitical issues concerning our day to day life through his monthly ” Man Ki Baat” radio address, this time spoke eloquently on the use of plastics and polythene items and urged the people to shun low grade plastic and polythene. Not that the people have not started feeling the adverse effects of using plastic and polythene bags , cups, bottles etc for carrying cooked , normally warm items or using them in drinking and eating, but still a lethargy or frugality in approach haunts us which calls for a change of the mindset. Plastic and polythene use can cause imbalance in our harmonic equations as well. We helplessly watch animals choking themselves to death while polythene bags and broken plastic pieces slip into their throats while eating food.
Plastics and plastic items are arrogant in the sense that they are resistant to most of the natural processes of degradation as compared to items of any metal , not to speak of clay or paper items. That is why, we find all around a high prominence of plastic pollution in the environment.  Even the soil gets affected because of releasing of harmful chemicals and then can it seep into groundwater. Such water, when consumed by humans and animals,  can cause serious harm.
There are, therefore, occasions when we can take pledge and seriously too, to desist from using polythene and low grade plastic. India is proudly hosting this year’s World Environment Day on June 5 and expectedly the event, both in contents and purposes, shall be celebrated throughout the country. It naturally provides to us a solemn occasion to discard and reject using such stuff which affected the environment, ecology and the natural resources and towards it , the Prime Minister has drawn our attention , of course, in our own interests. He pointed out to recent dust storms accompanied by rains being totally unseasonal which was due to change in weather pattern and how it caused loss of life and destruction of property. He wanted the change of approach towards environment to come from within, naturally rather than otherwise. He referred to what we know as our “Sanaskar” or culture to respect the nature.