INC will become ‘PPP Congress’ after Karnataka polls: Modi

GADAG/MANGALURU (KARNATAKA): Escalating his attack on the Congress over “corruption and arrogance”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today the party whose flag once fluttered “from Panchayat to Parliament” will become “Punjab, Puducherry, Parivar” Congress after its impending defeat in Karnataka.

With the D-day for the polls drawing closer, Modi upped the ante against the Siddaramaiah Government, alleging it has become a “corruption tank” for the Congress with a pipeline connected to Delhi, “where the money reaches directly”.

He also accused the top Congress leadership of auctioning tickets, party positions and even the chief minister’s post.

“After May 15 (when poll results will be declared), Indian National Congress will be reduced to ‘PPP Congress’– P for Punjab, P for Puducherry, and P for Parivar (family),” Modi told an election rally in Gadag, where he predicted the State’s ruling party would be decimated in the elections.

He accused the Congress of “auctioning” party tickets and posts, and recalled how a string of scams rocked the erstwhile UPA Government. (AGENCIES)