Aaron Eckhart, Courtney Eaton to star in ‘Live!’

LOS ANGELES, Apr 25: Aaron Eckhart and Courtney Eaton will be portraying the lead characters in the real-time thriller “Live!”.
The film will be helmed by Steven C Miller from a script by Jeremy Drysdale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The story follows a disgraced cop (to be played Eckhart) who is racing against time to find the police commissioner’s kidnapped daughter after killing her abductor. With the young woman having only 80 minutes to live and a crazed killer after him, the cop has to team up with an online reporter (Eaton) who wants to broadcast the chase live.
It will be produced by Myles Nestel, Craig Chapman, and Skip Williamson along with Martin Sprock, Chris Tuffin and Renee.
The project had been stuck for several years due to issues in scheduling, financing and a shift in directors.
The film is expected to start shooting in Alabama next month. (PTI)


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