5G in Jammu and Kashmir

The GoI has a distinct vision of the future of India, which it has outlined in India’s National Digital Communications Policy 2018. Come October 2022, 5G was launched in select cities in India, and at the same time, the LG Administration of Jammu and Kashmir formed a high-level task force to coordinate the 5G rollout in our UT at short notice. This futuristic vision got a further impetus as India got the Presidency of the G20, and Jammu and Kashmir will also hold a series of meetings of global representatives. A proactive approach has paid off, as 5G has now been rolled out in J&K as well. It is a significant achievement keeping in mind the fact that Jammu and Kashmir was one of the last states to launch a mobile network in 2003 due to prevailing security concerns at that time. 5G is the fourth industrial revolution’s enabler; it combines the power of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing, automation, and the Internet of Things, and as such provides a huge opportunity for young entrepreneurs to venture out and create new setups, making Jammu and Kashmir a dream destination for investment. With a footfall of 1.5 crore tourists to Jammu and Kashmir, the 5G network will usher in a different experience if our tourism department can capitalise on this huge technological leap. Virtual tours on tourism websites, apps for onsite experiences, and the creation of HD content for tourist sites will give tourists a peek when making decisions for future tours. The local administration has been focusing on the development of infrastructure at various tourist places, especially in Kashmir, and this high-speed network with the least amount of latency and buffering will be a real game changer. The establishment of international call centres should be explored, as services are a big industry with great scope. Mission critical communications, including video calling, which requires high-speed internet, will get a major boost with 5G. With a latency rate of less than 1 millisecond and a speed of 20 Gbps, it will enhance download speed. It will be really helpful for students, and data can be parsed in no time now, giving a major boost to the health sector also in the shape of telemedicine, which in turn will be a boon for far-flung areas. It has opened a huge scope of employment in the field of IT. With 400+ government services in online mode, this 5G launch will be a game changer for providing services to far-flung areas. With so much scope for everyone due to 5G, it is time for all departments to chalk out a strategy to make maximum use of technology on every front. The LG administration has given us a dream, and the onus is on the departments to make it a reality. It is a competitive world, and the administration has to ensure departments take initiatives right now to outsmart others and give a major boost to Jammu and Kashmir’s economy. One major stumbling block and most irritating factor for tourists is the non-functional prepaid SIMs of other states in Jammu and Kashmir. The time has come to say goodbye to this as well. It is a major shock for tourists who are unaware of this fact and feel helpless upon entering Lakhanpur with their phones having become defunct. Many online services, such as digital payments, are mobile number-specific, causing tourists unexpected problems. GoI must remove this roadblock now. It’s time to enjoy the latest technology with no ifs or buts and showcase Jammu and Kashmir to the world.