Vigil against using polythene

Not only the Government but the High Court also has been prohibiting the use of polythene bags. The reason is that the substance is injurious to health and plant life. It seems that shopkeepers selling their commodities feel uncomfortable with the withdrawal order by the court and the Government. It has been seen that despite the ban imposed by the highest authority polythene bags continue to be used by the shopkeepers.
In response to a PIL, the Division Bench has reiterated its earlier ban now strictly to be imposed on tourist destinations of much popularity and importance. Secretary to Tourism Department, in view of court directions, has issued a circular directing therein to ensure that there was proper waste disposal in so far as solid wastes are concerned. The court has issued specific instructions in regard to maintaining the cleanliness of the Pahalgam as there has been a PIL stating that the environs of the tourist resort are polluted and throwing away the polythene bags is one of the spoiling commodities. Court has impressed upon all the Development Authorities and other enforcement agencies to ensure that there is no manufacture, supply, sale and use of plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic cups and plastic spoons. Secretary Tourism has ordered that Chief Executive Officers of Development Authorities shall constitute a Special Vigilance Committee headed by Chief Executive Officer, concerned, in order to ensure the implementation of ban on use of polythene/ polythene carry-bags and other non-biodegradable materials.
The question is that constituting of committees in whatever name is ok and very easy to do but the fact is what is the condition on the ground. If orders issued meant anything then the earlier orders should have worked and the use of polythene stopped long back. That did not happen. It shows there is gap between issuing orders and implementing orders. Unless there is activity on that count, nothing can improve. The Minister should have told the House how many cases of defiance of the order have been registered and punished. If this state of affairs continues, there seems little improvement will take place in controlling the use of polythene.