56th year of service

At the outset, we wish our valued patrons and constituents a very happy and prosperous New Year which may bring with it, all the best for all of us. The ‘Daily Excelsior’ has today crossed yet another milestone by entering into 56th year of its inception with a firm resolve to keep fluttering high, the noblest characteristics and peculiarity of free and fair journalism, with a resolve to keep the truth as the kernel of our policy in tune with the trust reposed by our valued readers in us and our commitment to the citizens to keep strengthening that policy with each passing day. In that pursuit, the founder of this paper and doyen of journalism Shri S. D. Rohmetra has been our beacon light, a flare and inspiration, who never ever compromised with the quintessence of impartiality and fearlessness, the covetous principles of journalism. He has, by dint of his dedication to this noble cause and upholding its high tenets, left a copious and a plentiful legacy for us to carry the same forward and we have been striving for the same. In that unending journey, you the readers, are our assessors and evaluators. It is because of your continued patronage and confidence in us, coupled with the incessant hard work and professional excellence put in by our committed team who at times have been steadfastly surmounting all hazards and challenges, that this paper is widely circulated and has carved out a niche for itself among the leading English Dailies of North India. On the eve of the New Year, we are committed to tread the path shown by the founder of this paper and are therefore, striving to fashion this paper, its each edition, exactly to your tastes and expectations.
Our primary job is to keep our valued patrons and constituents abeam and abreast of the latest developments taking place not only around the UTs of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the country but around the globe and try to be among the first ones in the field to report all about ‘what, where, how and when’ based on actualities and realities. Excellence with professional autonomy with intent to get facts right and to present before our readers, have all along been the hallmark of our journalistic pursuits. Our readers will bear out with us that we have been launching an unflinching campaign and expedition against the scourge of corruption in administrative set up since we believe the menace is the bane of most of the prevailing ills in the system. We have incessantly been reporting exhaustively about individual and collective acts of corruption, scams, favouritism, delays and deferments wherever happening and our field staff is filing reports only after making thorough, foolproof but exquisite inquiries. Our stand gets vindicated not only by reporting in that performing our duties but in finding that proper cognisance thereof was taken by the Government.
2019 shall be remembered by the people of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir as one of the epoch making year as decades old temporary ‘Special Status’ bestowed on it was withdrawn and Article 370 of the constitution scrapped. Not only that, Reorganisation Act of Jammu and Kashmir 2019 was passed by the Parliament under which two Union Territories were carved out, one for Jammu and Kashmir and the other for Ladakh. “Excelsior” kept reporting about the historic decision all in details and variedly followed by slew of opinions from experts in the field, journalists and academicians. Not only that, we provided exquisite coverage of all laws extended to the new UTs and also elaborated on the issue. All the events that took place in 1947 during J&K’s accession to India were enumerated in our special edition.
We covered extensively Panchayat and BDC polls, which strengthened the roots of democracy in the erstwhile State.
Since Jammu and Kashmir has been reeling under Pakistan sponsored terrorism all these three decades, we have been focussing on all related incidents, those of our security personnel who attain martyrdom while fighting the affliction of militancy, the border inhabitants and their woes, details about punitive surgical strikes across the border deep into terror burrows operating there-from against this country. Issues relating to internal security too have been highlighted from time to time. In the same spirit, the difficulties faced by the people in getting their day to day works and issues resolved in offices, the sporadic closure of Jammu -Srinagar National Highway due to inclement weather conditions, difficulties faced by truckers, passengers, in supply lines of essential commodities, incomplete infrastructural projects and the need to complete them, pollution of environment, water bodies, frequent accidents on hilly roads of Jammu region and the like have been on continuous basis uninterruptedly been highlighted by us.
We have taken special and keen interests in highlighting the varied views of different opinion makers, experts, journalists and writers of repute in our editorial page columns. Our Sunday magazine section is being always shaped as per the tastes, requirements and expectations of our esteemed readers. Our online edition (www.dailyexcelsior.com), its Mobile App and news channel (www.excelsiornews.com) have become immensely popular across the globe. We once again thankfully wish our conscientious readers a happy and prosperous New Year and record with satisfaction the contribution of our dedicated staff members who, because of high level team spirit and professional dexterity make it possible for raising and highlighting issues concerning masses in the twin Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.
-Kamal and Neeraj