Flawed administration

When the policies and decisions of the Government are not implemented in right earnest, it means that the administration is flawed. Normal pattern of administration is that vital decisions are taken by the Cabinet/Council of Ministers and the bureaucracy is meant to find legal and conventional ways of implementing these decisions. Implementation may take some time but policy matters have not to be ignored. The Governor, when acting as administrator in absence of the popular Government, enjoys same powers as are placed in the Cabinet. Naturally his orders are the policy of the Government and these have to be implemented in right earnest. It is regrettable to note that certain administrative measures and policy decisions announced by the Governor in his address to the joint session of the Legislature during the previous session have not been implemented till date. This means that the administration has not given due importance to what the Governor had announced on the floor of the House. For example, in his May 25, 2016 address to the House, the Governor had announced that to promote the health standards of women and provide basic and critical gynecological care to women every district will have a model Maternity Hospital. This has not been translated into reality. He had also announced roping in private partners under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode for ITIs but nothing in this matter has happened. This shows that there is no seriousness with the administration to go along with the policy planners in our State. How then can we claim that we are going to have good governance?