1989-1990 exodus of Pandits will be last one: Hosabale

RSS leader recalls role of Laltaditya, Shri Bhat
Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Apr 14: Maintaining that Kashmiri Pandits have faced seven exodus since last 700 years, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, (RSS) Sarkarivah (second in chief), Dattatreya Hosabale today asserted that the mass exodus of the KP community in 1989-90 will be the last one.
Addressing the Kashmiri Pandit community all over the globe through virtual mode during the concluding function of three-day Navreh celebrations this evening, Hosabale said that there will be no future displacement of the community and 1989-90 exodus was the last displacement. He while, praising the spirit shown by the community in braving the displacement and fighting the challenges with boldness and confidence, assured it that entire country and Hindu Samaj is with them in their struggle.
He said Kashmir has a great cultural history and it is the part of ancient Indian culture and civilization. He regretted that like other parts of India, Kashmir too suffered foreign invasions in past who looted its resources and forced conversions. But the Kashmiri Pandits braved these invasions with strength while recalling the role of some Pandit leaders in medieval period who sought the help of Guru Teg Bahadur against the atrocities of tyrant Mughal King Aurangzeb. He said to protect the dharma and save the Kashmiri Hindus from the atrocities and forcible conversions Guru Teg Bahadur made a supreme sacrifice at that time.
The RSS leader said that foreign Islamic rulers invaded India in past with two purposes one was to loot its resources and wealth and other was to make forcible conversions of the people to Islam. The Hindus fought them bravely from time to time as these invaders want to establish Islamic rule and for them no religion other than Islam has right to survive. But the Indians braved this all and they emerged triumphant till date with their resolve and courageousness after frustrating the designs of invaders every time.
Hosabale said Hindus believe that entire universe is a one family and “We are not against any religion or country but at the same time we will not allow any one to thrust their ideology on us or disintegrate our nation’’.
He said Kashmir had no different history than past Indian history and foreign invaders also raided it from time to time. However, he said that the valour and sacrifice of some great heroes of Kashmir like Shri Bhat whose anniversary was held on April 12 and King Laltaditya Maktapaida whose anniversary falls today which was celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits all over the globe as part of three-day Navreh festival, have been an inspiration for all of us.
He said, while Laltaditya, a brave King of Kashmir whose kingdom was up to Central Asia defeated the Arabs and did not allow them to advance beyond Sindh not only protected his territory from the foreign invaders but he has also been a symbol of good governance. Likewise, Shri Bhat a Vaidacharya who saved the life of 15th century King Zain-ul-Abdin did not accept any gift from the King but pleaded for the return of the Kashmiri Pandits who had been forced to leave Kashmir by the tyrant King Sikander Butshikan and father of Zain –ul-Abdin. Shri Bhat has been an inspiration for all of us by showing the spirit of dispassion and surrender, he added.
The RSS leader, while complimenting the KPs for their resilience and courage shown by them during their exile within their country said after the displacement the community became beggars overnight as they had to leave all their wealth and property in Valley to protect the dharma and identity.
He said now the community is firm as it has taken the pledge to celebrate the next Navreh in Kashmir with all other members of the community as before. He said the Government has taken many steps for restoration of the peace and for the development of Kashmir. “But we have not to be totally dependent on Government and make our resolve firm to work for restoration of peace and glory of Kashmir of which we are inseparable part’’, he added.
Hosabale, said that Jews also faced exodus and were in exile for centuries together and their every generation had a hope that some day the dream of their ancestors will be fulfilled and they will get their homeland. With this firm resolve they succeeded in creating Israel in 1948 and all Jews across the world settled there.
The RSS leader said India was the only nation where the Jews were not subjected to atrocities while they suffered every where in the world. They had to adopt the language of that country where they took refuge but after establishing the Israel they revived their own language and established it in schools and colleges to teach their children.
While referring to Sharda script of Kashmir in which many sacred books are also written, he said keeping knowledge about rich cultural history of Kashmir confined to books or films will not serve the purpose. It has to be made a part of daily life so that the culture will survive for future and coming generations will be linked to their roots, he added.
Kashmir has made great contribution in the field of education and there were institutes of excellence from times immemorial. “We have to make efforts to establish such institutions of excellence once again and take pride in our past history and culture’’, he added.
Referring to sacrifices of KP leaders including Tika Lal Taploo, Pt Prem Nath Bhat, Neelkant Ganjoo and Sarla Bhat, he asked “what was their fault?. They only differed with the dictates of some Ulemas and did not toe their line. They laid supreme sacrifices for the national cause and we salute their valour and courage. Our security forces and jawans of J&K Police also made supreme sacrifices in fighting terrorism in Kashmir and these sacrifices will not go in vain”.
Hosabale said “We all are duty bound to make our next generation familiar about these sacrifices. The scars left by these killings are yet to be filled’’. Terming the annulling of 35 –A and 370 a great milestone, he said to make Kashmir paradise again all efforts are being made by the Government.
He said the Tibetan people are also leading an exiled life in India after China attacked Tibet. They are also struggling for return to their motherland and they are also hopeful that the day will come when their struggle will reach to logical conclusion, he added.
Earlier, Jawahar Lal Koul made the introductory speech and threw light on the celebration of three day Navreh festival and great heroes of Kashmir King Laltaditya and Shri Bhat. He said Laltaditya was a symbol of valour and courage.
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra vice president, Avtar Krishan Trakroo complimented the organizations who contributed to three day -long Navreh celebrations.