16 trains cancelled, 20 short terminated/originated

*Spl train between Katra-Amritsar from Dec 25- 27

Govind Sharma

JAMMU, Dec 24: The movement of trains to and fro Jammu remained affected for fifth consecutive day today due to farmers’ agitation in Punjab as 16 trains had to be cancelled fully while 20 trains were either short originated or short terminated.
A Railway official told Excelsior that thousands of farmers are still sitting on tracks between various railway sections, to press the Government to fulfill their demands which include farm loan waiver, compensation and jobs for the kin of farmers killed during the agitation against the now-repealed farm laws.
He informed that around 800 farmers are sitting between Jalandhar City-Amritsar section at point LC/C-35, 400 between Jalandhar Cantt-Pathankot Cantt at Tanda Yard, 250 between Fazilka and Kotkapura at Fazilka Yard and around 50-60 each between Amritsar-Khem Karan, Ferozpur-Bhatinda Junction, Ferozpur-Ludhiana Junction and Sanahwal-Jalandhar City Junction.
Divisional Traffic Manager (DTM) Jammu Mahesh Kumar said that in view of ongoing agitation of farmers in Punjab, 16 trains which were scheduled to start their journey to and fro Jammu/Katra Railway Station today were fully cancelled. The cancelled trains include train number 14611 (Gazipur City-Katra), 12425 (New Delhi-Jammu), 12426 (Jammu Tawi-New Delhi), 14033 (Old Delhi-Katra), 14034 (Katra-New Delhi), 12445 (New Delhi-Katra), 12446 (Katra-New Delhi), 14609 (Rishikesh-Katra), 14610 (Katra-Rishikesh), 22439 (New Delhi-Katra), 22440 (Katra-New Delhi), 22461 (New Delhi-Katra), 22462 (Katra-New Delhi) and 14503 (Kalka-Katra), 12265 (Delhi Sarai Rohilla -Jammu) Tawi) and 12469 (Kanpur Central-Jammu Tawi).
The DTM further informed that 7 incoming/outgoing trains which started its journey today were short terminated. The train number 19225 (Jodhpur-Jammu Tawi) was short terminated at Bhatinda Junction Railway Station, 12237 (Banaras-Jammu Tawi) at Ludhiana Junction, 12413 (Ajmer-Jammu Tawi) at Old Delhi, 12919 (Dr Ambedkar Nagar Railway Station-Katra) at New Delhi, 12751 (Hazur Sahib Nanded -Jammu Tawi) at Dhuri Jn Railway Station, 19223 (Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi) at Bathinda and 02471 (Katra-Jalandhar Cantt) at New Delhi Railway Station.
Similarly, he said, while 13 outgoing trains were short originated. The train number 22706 (Jammu Tawi-Tirupati) was short originated from Ambala Cantonment Junction Railway Station, train number 11078 (Jammu Tawi-Pune), 12472 (Katra- Mumbai Bandra Terminus) and 12920 (Katra- Dr Ambedkar Nagar Railway Station) were short originated from New Delhi, and train number 12238 (Jammu Tawi-Banaras), 14662 (Jammu Tawi-Barmer) and 14646 (Jammu Tawi-Ajmer) from Ludhiana Junction Railway Station.
Further, the train number 12414 (Jammu Tawi-Ajmer Junction) and 4662 (Jammu Tawi-Barmer) and 18310 (Jammu Tawi-Sambalpur) were short originated from Old Delhi Railway Station, train number 19224 (Jammu Tawi-Ahmedabad Junction) and 19226 (Jammu Tawi-Jodhpur) were short originated from Bbathinda Junction Railway Station, and train number 13152 (Jammu Tawi-Kolkata) was short originated from Saharanpur.
Likewise, he said, 25 incoming/outgoing trains scheduled to start their journey tomorrow have been cancelled fully while it was decided to short originate 7 other trains. The fully cancelled trains include train number 12425 (New Delhi-Jammu Tawi), 12426 (Jammu Tawi-New Delhi), 12445 (New Delhi-Katra), 12446 (Katra-New Delhi), 14033 (Old Delhi-Katra), 14034 (Katra-Old Delhi), 14504 (Katra-Kalka), 14609 (Rishikesh-Katra), 14610 (Katra-Rishikesh), 22439 (New Delhi-Katra), 22440 (Katra-New Delhi), 22462 (Katra-New Delhi) and 22461 (New Delhi-Katra).
The trains which will be short originated include train number 12414 (Jammu Tawi-Ajmer) at Old Delhi, 12238 (Jammu Tawi-Banaras) at Ludhiana Junction), 11078 (Jammu Tawi-Pune) at New Delhi, 12472 (Katra-Mumbai Bandra Terminus) at New Delhi, 13152 (Jammu Tawi-Kolkata) at Saharanpur, 19226 (Jammu Tawi-Jodhpur) and 19224 (Jammu Tawi-Ahmedabad Junction) at Bhatinda Junction Railway Station.
The DTM also disclosed that they have decided to start three trip reserved mail express special trains between Katra and Amritsar on December 25, 26 and 27. The train will depart from Katra on 12 noon and arrive at Amritsar at 6:05 pm on each day.