100 yrs of Red Cross

This refers to the article,’100 years of Red Cross “DE May 8, 2019, The author has aptly explained the principles and humanitarian role of this organisation(Red cross society) to alleviate the suffering of wounded and sufferer across the world.
No doubt, it is an important society which gives his contributions in all sphere of tragic incidences without any bais and discrimination. It works equally in war and peace with a missionary zeal and enthusiasm.
In our state its role is very praiseworthy,laudable and exemplary one. Here in our state ,it is giving a healing touch to victims of militancy, catastrophic hit and other natural calamities effected people. There is a soothing gesture for this organisation that people voluntarily contribute in it on humanitarian grounds.
In today’s scenario when world’s spirit is in lesion state and the people are feeling insecure due to global terrorism,natural devastation and tragedies,this organisation is playing its role with pride and gratification without any religious hatred.
It is our foremost duty to contribute in the missionary works of this organisation with heart and spirit.Awareness campaign and programme must be launched at school level to educate the children for their role,responsibility and contribution in this charitable society. This will be the real tribute and encomium to Red cross society on its centenary celebration.
Shyam Sudan
On e-mail