Zayn Malik doesn’t believe in social media

LONDON, Aug 18:  Singer Zayn Malik says social media has become “ridiculous” and he has no faith in it anymore.
The 24-year-old musician says everyone is entitled to their opinion but forcing one’s ideas on others is what is creating problems around, reported FemaleFirst.
“It’s become ridiculous to me… Everyone’s personal opinions and what they believe in, how can you amalgamate all of that into one thing and expect that not to create a problem for people’s minds?
“That’s my personal opinion, that it’s not really that developing for us as people. That for me is the main reason why I don’t believe in social media: because I believe it breeds sheep and not lions,” says Zayn.
The “Pillow Talk” singer had earlier said that he was not an “outgoing, like, social person”. (PTI)


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